Monday, June 25, 2012

Company's Coming

My sister called yesterday and asked if it was okay if she came over with her daughter for a few days. I made sure Steve was okay with it and then told her to hurry up, I missed her. She'll be arriving any time.

In my excitement over her coming, I didn't really consider our new dynamic. It hit me around bedtime last night. Even though Steve's been encouraging about everything I've brought up in regards to DD, I was having trouble expressing myself. So instead of me just saying I was worried about how it would work with someone else in the house, it came out as "either I'm going to have to behave or you're going to have to wait."

Not the most tactful way to put it, but thankfully he understood what I was trying to say. He did say I still had to behave (no hall passes being issued here) and promised to be discreet. If the need for discipline comes up, he'll make sure we have privacy to deal with it. So I feel much better about that.

I am curious to see what her reaction is going to be to the changes. Most of the time when she visits, the house isn't as neat as I would like it to be because I always procrastinated on doing the household chores. While the house isn't totally cleaned up, the two weeks I've spent working on it one little chore at a time has definitely made an improvement.

She'll probably also notice the difference in how we react with each other. We've never really argued with each other when people are around, but we have got moody with each other on occasion. And I have griped to her about how he was being a total jerk (even if he wasn't, but I just wanted sympathy). Now that DD is a part of our lives, that has stopped. I'm more careful to think things through before words come flying out of my mouth. He's more careful to ask me to do something, rather than automatically get aggravated that it wasn't done to begin with.

We touch a lot more now. I don't mean in a sexual way (although that has definitely improved), but in the simple ways. Holding hands when we go somewhere together. Stopping in the hall to just give each other a hug. A kiss before one of us walks out of the room.

It's going to be interesting.



  1. Hi Dana, I have just found your blog, so I will offer a belated welcome to blogland! I hope your visit with your sister is wonderful! Sara

    1. Thanks for stopping by. We had a good visit and I managed to stay out of trouble the whole time she was here.


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