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Note: This post was originally written October 3, 2012. Since then, more implements have been added. Scroll to the bottom to find the newer ones.

Grace reminded me that I hadn't followed up about talking about our new implement purchase. I decided to do an overview of all our implements.

Wooden Spoon

Early in our DD relationship, Steve mentioned that he wished we had a bigger spoon. I foolishly  graciously decided to surprise him with one. I found this one (Mainstays wooden turner) at Walmart for a mere $3.

As you can see, this spoon is squared more than the typical wooden spoon. While I haven't been spanked with a wooden hairbrush (we don't have one), I would say it's probably similar. It's sometimes used for warmups. For minor offenses, Steve uses the spoon for the entire spanking. It has some sting, but is more thuddy. The sensation wears off pretty quickly.

The Belt
There's nothing fancy about it. It's just a plain leather belt. I bought it for Steve when his old belt fell apart because he'd had it for years.

The belt isn't used a whole lot, probably because it's not as handy as the other implements which are stored in the dresser beside the bed. He's also said it's kind of awkward to use, which is probably why it's not his first choice. Steve does wear it when we're out and about or traveling as a subtle reminder though. It's somewhat stingy and the sensation lasts a little longer than the spoon.

Plastic Hanger

I made the mistake once of telling Steve that we needed some quieter implements because I didn't like having to wait all day for a punishment. Even though I'd read about hangers, since they were referred to as very ouchie and very stingy, I was not going to mention them. Unfortunately, he thought of it on his own.

The hanger is used for major offenses and repeat offenses. It packs quite a sting, especially on an already warmed bottom. It can raise welts. I avoid it whenever possible.

Cat O'Nine Tails

This one was found on a trip to the adult toy store. It's a cat o' nine tails. The name is a bit misleading because the tails aren't knotted as they are with a normal cat o' nine. When Steve first picked it up, he wasn't too impressed with it because it looks kinda wimpy. After smacking his own palm with it a few times (and hearing me yelp when he accidentally caught my arm with it once because I was standing right beside him), he decided he liked it and tossed it in the basket.

It's not been used a lot. It has a tendency to wrap so it requires some control.Even used lightly, it had a surprising sting. The sting stays with you for a while. Note: This one has somehow disappeared. We've turned our bedroom upside down but it's nowhere to be found.


This is something I wouldn't have originally thought of as an implement. For some reason, we have a bunch of these laying around the house. One night Steve surprised me by using one during a spanking. He was pleased with the results so it now resides in the drawer with the rest of the implements.

It's less thuddy than a wooden spoon, but still has some sting to it. Since it's longer, it also leaves an impression across my entire backside. It rarely gets used because he finds our other implements more effective.

Paint Stir Stick

Also known as a paint paddle, a fact I didn't know until someone pointed it out to me. These are often given for free when you buy paint. Ours was purchased at Walmart for 28 cent. It's made for use with five gallon paint buckets so it's about two feet long.

It is similar to the backscratcher, but packs more sting because it's thinner and more flexible. They also appear to be less durable than other implements because it broke during a spanking. Of course since you can get them for free or next to nothing, it's not a big deal to replace it.

Wooden Dowels

These were purchased after Steve learned about canes (ugh!). Rather than buy an implement he wasn't sure would be effective or liked, he decided to go the cheaper route and buy something similar to try first. Hence the wooden dowel. They can be purchased for less than a dollar a piece at Walmart and I've saw them in craft stores as well.

They come in a variety of sizes. The smaller sizes are whippier and have more sting. The thicker ones have less flexibility and tend to be thuddier. The smaller ones tend to break fairly easy when used. I've managed to break two already. I have to admit I was happy they broke because they are pretty stingy. Note: Now that we have an actual cane, these are pretty much no longer used.

The Cane

They're fairly inexpensive. We got a set of two rattan schoolhouse canes for $10.99 from Cane-Iac. If you're looking for a place to buy implements, I highly recommend them. They have good quality products, good prices and are fast shippers.

As with the dowels, they come in a variety of sizes. The one we have is very stingy. The picture is of the one we have. I don't like it at all. Unfortunately, because they're more flexible than the dowels, the odds of me breaking it are very slim.

The Paddle

These can be homemade or purchased. Prices can vary widely depending on the size and the type of wood. I think ours was $18.99 from Cane-Iac.

It's both thuddy and stingy at the same time. Holes in the paddle can make it more stingy. Of course Steve wanted holes so that's what we have. Like the cane, this is one I prefer to avoid when I can. Unfortunately, it's one of his favorite implements so it makes an appearance at most spankings.

Silicon Spatula

Sometimes referred to as an icing spreader. In a brief moment of insanity at the dollar store, I tossed this in the cart. I had read about it a few times and I was curious. Ours is a double-headed one with an end for spreading and another for scraping.

When he first saw it, Steve said it was wimpy. I was tempted to agree with him after the first few test swats but then he figured out the best way to swing it and I quickly learned that it can be stingy, especially when applied to the sit spots. The sensation also tends to linger for a bit.

Leather Paddle

In an effort to get away from so much wood in our collection, I talked Steve into letting me buy a leather paddle. Ours came from Cane-Iac and was $24.99.

The first time we tried it, it didn't seem too bad. It was a little stingy in spots, but nothing major. The second time, it had more of an effect. I don't know if it was the difference in pain tolerance between attempts or he figured out how to use it more effectively. It's more stingy than thuddy. From what Steve told me afterwards, when the side with the heart is used, it leaves a nice imprint of a heart on my backside.

Rubber Paddle

While I was buying our leather paddle, I happened to look through the close-outs on Cane-Iac and came across a rubber paddle. Curiosity combined with my love of a bargain had me throwing it in my cart as well. And since it's made from recycled materials, it's a green implement. It was only $9.99.

When used lightly, it has more thud. When used harder, it's both thuddy and stingy. It also seems to build heat as I was still feeling the effects over an hour afterwards.


  1. It seems that you're working on building quite a nice implement collection...or at least I'm sure Steve thinks so. lol Out of those, only the wooden spoon is used here. Michael has two of them, one more rounded and one somewhat similar to the pic you shared.

    1. Yeah he likes his collection. He's mentioned getting a paddle a few times. I'm debating about buying him one for Christmas. One one hand, it would make him happy. On the other hand, every time I try to be helpful when it comes to implements, I end up regretting it.

  2. Nice collection! A paddle will be a nice addition to the set (and a thoughtful Christmas gift for your hubbie, although you probably will regret your generous spirit many times over). If you are looking for a wider range of sensations, Dana, you might try to find a paddle that is quite a bit heavier than the spoon you already have. Fill the gap in the weight range between the wooden paddle and the spoon with an inexpensive wooden hairbrush (with a smooth back). The weight of a wooden implement makes quite a difference to the sensation it evokes. Have fun experimenting :)

  3. Hello. I am a new reader to your blog. I have a question about the rubber paddle. Is it a fairly quiet implement?

    1. Welcome to the blog. To me, the rubber paddle sounds like a mild slapping sound. With a little background noise like the TV, I don't think the noise would carry out of the room. The noises I make while it's used are a different story. it has a distinct sting.

  4. Thanks for answering my question!! :)


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