Wednesday, October 31, 2012

No Longer Frustrated and Disconnected

I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I wanted to update everyone on what happened after yesterday's post. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone that commented.

I was going to read Steve my post as many of you suggested, but as it turns out I wasn't anywhere near the computer when we got a chance to talk. So I just chose my words carefully and told him what was on my mind.

It turns out we were on the same page as far as the spanking. He felt like the counting interfered with us talking and made the spanking feel more like a game instead of a tool to keep me on track. So the counting is out (yay!). He even apologized for the way it was handled.

As for the unresolved issues that we were supposed to have dealt with, he was still on the fence. While they were on his mind, he couldn't get past the idea that it was unfair for him to spank after he'd already told me he wasn't going to spank for it. So we agreed to let those go. He said I'd be in trouble soon enough anyway. Since I had done my chores for the day, I just laughed it off.

Steve did tell me he wouldn't put spankings off anymore unless absolutely necessary. Since he knows it frustrates me to have him not do a spanking after it's been hanging over my head for several days, he promised not to do that anymore. He will deal with it at the first opportunity, even if it turns out to be a week after the original offense.

After our talk, we snuggled in bed and watched TV for a bit. Then he asked me about a chore that I was supposed to have done about a week ago. As much as I hated to admit it, I had forgotten it so it still wasn't done. I offered to get up and do it right then, but I guess he felt like he needed to make a point. So he spanked me while giving one heck of a lecture (probably one of his best lectures yet). And I went to bed with a sore bottom curled up in his arms.

The chore in question was done first thing this morning. I had planned to knock out today's chores right afterwards, but something came up that had to be dealt with ASAP. So I called Steve to get his okay to put them off until it could be handled. As it turns out, my ASAP situation didn't take as long to handle as I thought it would so I got home in plenty of time to finish up and still had time to do some of the things I wanted to do.


  1. Yay YOU!!! Now look at that, talk, such a simple and understated word. SO important in ttwd.

    I'm glad all is resolved. Speaking of which I have a little list of my own to get to.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks Wilma. I can't stress enough how important communication is. Even though it sometimes feel like we spend more time talking than anything else, it definitely helps us get through these bumps in the road and figure things out.

  2. So good to read this post, Dana. It is wonderful to hear that you communicated so well with Steve and he was so responsive to you. I think dd hones those communication skills, at least for us, it did.
    Happy Halloween

    1. Thanks Lillie. I don't think we talked near this much before DD but things weren't so great back then so this is a good change. Now we're much more in tune with each others' needs, which makes a world of difference.

  3. So glad it all worked out, Dana.
    Best wishes to both of you!

  4. Hi Dana, I'm sorry, I read your previous post but didn't manage to comment on it before I saw this one.

    I am so happy to see this. Good for you, glad you managed to talk it through together and get some resolution. Hugs!


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