Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shopping Adventures

Yesterday afternoon I was at Walmart with our daughter. We had went to pick up a few things and decided to wander around for a bit. We stopped off at the paint section because our daughter likes to get one of those paint color cards. It started out as something to entertain her when she's little, but has turned into a habit.

While we were there, I decided to check out a paint stirrer stick since I've heard about them on a few blogs and Steve had mentioned a few nights before that he wanted more implements. Why he wants another one already is beyond me. We just bought a new one a couple weeks ago. Not to mention he had the brilliant idea to use the back scratcher the other night and it now resides in the drawer with the rest of his implements.

The more important question is why was I even considering helping him in his search for new implements since in hindsight, I wouldn't have helped with the ones we already have. I guess I'll have to plead a temporary case of insanity because I left the paint department with a paint stirrer made for a 5 gallon bucket of paint. The thing is nearly 2 feet long.

Anyway, we did a little more shopping and then headed to the register. The cashier rang up everything, gave me my total and I went to swipe my card only to hear the lady behind me in line yell "Wait!" The cashier and I both turned to her and that's when she said it.

Don't forget your paddle.

For a moment, I was too stunned to speak. Then I said a quick thanks, paid and made a hasty getaway.

By the time we got home, Steve was just getting out of his truck. I got our daughter busy with cartoons and showed Steve my new purchase. Then I told him the whole sordid story about my adventure at Walmart. After he got done laughing his butt off, he informed me that they are also called paint paddles, a fact that the woman in line obviously knew even though I didn't.

Of course with my reaction and the fact that I wasn't buying any paint to go along with the "paddle" if the woman has any imagination at all, she probably connected the dots after I left.


  1. Too funny. It took DH a few tries to get the smacks just right with that one. I have an implement review on my blog somewhere. I think it is No. 6.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julia. I'll check out your review.

  2. Lol Dana, I don't think anyone would have connected the dots. I now see spanking or Dd references to everything these days, even things that can't really remotely be connected with spanking - sheesh!


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