Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

When I posted about breaking my first implement last weekend, little did I know that I would be doing a repeat performance just a week later. But to both of our surprise, I broke another one Saturday night.

There's a long story behind it, but basically Steve recently learned about canes and decided we needed one. I tried to talk him out it to no avail. Rather than buy something that he wasn't sure he'd like, he did some thinking and decided to buy a wooden dowel to try, figuring it would be similar enough for him to make a decision.

He did a few mild to moderate test swings when we first got the dowel. It was just as stingy as I had imagined and I told him I didn't like it. Of course I have said the same thing about all of our other implements so he wasn't too worried about me disliking it. In fact, he considered that a good thing, incentive to stay out of trouble.

A little while later I managed to get myself in trouble. The thing in question was not something he had told me to do. However, he had mentioned a few times over the last couple weeks that it was something that was irking him. So even though he hadn't told me to do it, he felt that fact that he had mentioned it more than once was reason enough that I should have did it anyway.

He reached over for the new dowel and we were off. Since it was now a punishment rather than just testing the implement, he picked up the pace and the force of the swings. About a minute in to the spanking, I heard the sound of wood connecting with wood. It didn't occur to me what it was until I felt something hit my hand and looked over to find a piece of the dowel laying beside it. The sound I heard was the piece of dowel flying and hitting the dresser on my side of the bed before bouncing back to hit me in the hand.

My buns of steel have struck again. That makes two implements in a week. At the rate I'm going, we won't have anything left by Christmas.


  1. Oh dear Dana and congrats (I think?) Lol You didn't like that implement anyway Lol

    Hmm, not sure if having buns of steel is such a good thing. I'd be worried about Steve looking for 'stronger' implements!

    1. Roz, Steve's already told me that dowel must not have been thick enough. I think from now on he's going to do his own shopping because I seem to pick really flimsy implements. Other than that wooden spoon I bought when we first started; that thing seems to be indestructible.

  2. YIKES. Our first "role affirmation" spanking Barney picked up a dowel, from his bag of tricks. I said, " Oh please don't use that" <- I know, I'm new. So thankfully he didn't. When I thought that we weren't going to go through with ttwd, I put away everything from his 'tickle truck' and OUT went the dowel ( of course we weren't going to do ttwd for about 6 hours, but it was long enough to get rid of it ). He has talked about it's return though :(

    My hope is that eventually through excercise I'll have buns of steel so that when he spanks it the vibrations will shoot up his arm, like when you hit a soft ball with a bat! I know, dream on- but it motivates me to walk!

    So no Christmas shopping together, and no implement shopping- or in your case one in the same! I'm thinking you should get Superman undies, because of your buns of steel,AND Steve will see a giant S on your bum- he can think it is for him :)

    1. LOL Wilma. It took a couple times, but I learned to not ask for a specific implement to not be used. It always backfires because he'll just say okay and pick up one I hate even more.

      The funny thing about all this is that I never thought of myself as having buns of steel. I'm hit and miss about exercising and could stand to lose a little weight.

      I love the idea of the Superman panties.

  3. Uhoh, if he liked it he may decide to find a more durable version. Watch out!

    1. He did. He sent me back to the store with strict instructions on what size to get.


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