Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bite on the Butt that Wasn't

I spent the morning at the doctor's office. She cracked up at my description of getting bit in the butt. You always hear people saying stuff about something coming back to bite them in the butt, but it's rare when it's literal.

Anyway, after examining my "bite" and listening to my symptoms, the doctor felt that it wasn't actually an insect bite. She thinks I have shingles. Apparently the chickenpox that I nearly died from as a child didn't completely go away as we believed; the virus just went dormant. Thanks to all the stress of the past few months and my immune system not being in peak condition because I had been fighting a respiratory bug, it came back.

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that I didn't get treatment within the first 72 hours. According to the doctor, early treatment with antivirals can help it heal faster with less pain. She still prescribed me some antiviral medicine to see if it would help, but it's possible that I'll be stuck with this for another couple weeks.

The good news is that in addition to the antiviral, she also gave me a prescription for a decent pain medicine that will probably knock me on my tush. So I'm not going to notice or even care if I have any pain.

And for some possibly good news. Because shingles are contagious and can spread through contact, Steve has to keep his hands off my butt. We'll see how that one works out. Odds are, he's already been exposed because he touches my butt on a daily basis so he may just keep up with the spanking. If he decides not to risk it, I'm going to be spank-free until I'm over this.

Now don't anyone give him any ideas about non-spanking punishments.


  1. Um, sucky-do! AND I'm not sure Steve's going to be too happy ( or was too happy) that you didn't get seen to right away like he initially wanted.

    As for the spankings, well you do have some wicked pain killers now so either 1) you are going to be knocked out and not do anything that warrants a spanking or 2) the pain meds should help!

    I sincerely hope this goes away sooner rather than later. Shingles can be extremely painful. I worry about them as I had chicken pox horribly when I was a little girl too- down my throat, almost closed, ON my eye..missing eyelashes and well OTHER places I didn't think you could get them either. I hope shingles can't go there!

    Get better soon!


    1. Yeah I haven't mentioned the whole 72 hour thing to him yet. I just told him the doctor thought it was shingles. Then I had to explain to him what shingles were.

      As far as chicken pox, like I mentioned, I nearly died from them. I had them everywhere, including in my mouth and throat. I ended up in the hospital camped out in an oxygen tent for a few weeks over them. I have a few scars from the experience. I never expected to be dealing with them again because I had blood work done about 10 years ago to test my immunity and I was told I had full immunity.

      Hopefully these won't be as bad. The doctor said since it's been several days and I still only have one spot, there's a good chance that's all I'll get.

  2. Oh dear. Singles? This is not pleasant news, I'm sure. Well, at least you have been properly diagnosed and given some good pain meds.
    Good luck. We are great believers in naturopathic remedies, so I wonder what that branch of medicine recommends, even in terms of symptom alleviation or good food choices. Sometimes diet can really help to promote healing.
    I will be thinking of you.
    hugs and love

    1. I was in such a hurry to get rid of the pain I didn't even think about naturopathic remedies. They're normally my first resort when we fall ill. Of course I didn't know what I was dealing with until this morning. I have a few ideas, but I think I'll stop by the local herb store tomorrow to see what they suggest.

  3. Oh ((Hugs)) Dana, shingles can indeed be painful. I am glad you saw the doctor and have got some painkillers. I really hope you start to feel better soon.

    Hmm, I think keeping spanking off the table for a bit might be a good idea, not only for the reasons you mention but also to give yourself time to recover. As for non-spanking punishments - I don't know what you mean. Nope, no ideas here *wink*

    Look after yourself.

    1. Thanks Roz. Thankfully the painkillers are helping although they do knock me out. Steve had to take our daughter to school this morning because I wouldn't wake up when the alarm went off.

      He did decide to take spanking off the table for now. He did warn that I shouldn't take that as an invitation to go crazy because he would spank if it became necessary.


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