Monday, February 25, 2013

Nothing Much Going On Here

My new attempt to go a month without a spanking is going strong. As of yesterday, I've made it a full week and I'm now starting into my second week. I came close to blowing it last week, but thankfully Steve cut me a break. I now appreciate those acts of grace a lot more than I used to.

Last week I was a little frustrated at not getting much time together. We normally don't get a lot of time with him working, but he's been waiting on materials for the jobsite he's on so he's been off for two weeks. While I knew there was some things he wanted to do while he was not working, I figured I'd get at least one day of having him all to myself.

It didn't happen. Every time I turned around, someone was calling him wanting him to come help with something. They needed help fixing their car. They needed help loading something. They needed pulled out of the ditch after they slid off the road on the ice (which wouldn't have happened if they hadn't insisted on going out to play on icy roads). They wanted company while they drove somewhere. They were bored and just wanted someone to come hang out with them. They needed him to drive them somewhere.

If that wasn't bad enough, on the rare occasion Steve was home, someone was here visiting. I hit my limit Thursday night when one of Steve's friends came by, dropped his kids off in the house and promptly disappeared for about three hours. He didn't even bother to ask first. So instead of enjoying a lazy evening with my husband and daughter, I was stuck trying to prevent the kids from messing up the place and playing referee because they kept fighting.

Add in some horror-moans and it was a recipe for disaster. After the friend picked up his kids and we finally got ours down for the night, I said something to Steve about how I was feeling. Unfortunately, my frustration came through in a bit of attitude. He told me the next day that he started to spank me over my attitude, but he knew I was right about what I was saying and he understood that I was hormonal and cranky about the whole situation so he decided to let me off with only a warning.

He did make up for the lack of time together in a big way. We spent the whole day together Friday. He surprised me by taking me jewelry shopping and pretty much telling me to pick out whatever I wanted. Most guys would probably worry about saying something like that to a woman, but Steve knows I'm picky about my jewelry and I'm also very budget minded so he didn't have to worry about me going crazy.

I fell in love with this one necklace. It was a little pricier than I thought he'd want to spend so I walked away from it. But after he noticed me going back to look at it again, he asked the jeweler to get it out so I could try it on, completely ignoring my protests about the price. As it turns out, we didn't get the necklace because it was snugger fitting than I like and they didn't have any longer ones. He did tell me that we'd try a few more jewelry stores when we had time so I may end up getting something yet.

My sister was visiting on Saturday so Steve asked her to watch our daughter so he could take me out that evening. He surprised me by picking the restaurant himself. In hindsight, it was a smart move. I love the restaurant he chose, but normally wouldn't ask to go there because it's expensive. Then when he saw me browsing the menu for the cheapest entree, he told me to quit looking at prices and order whatever I wanted. We ended up having a nice dinner out with good food and lots of laughter and conversation.

In other news, Steve's made a change to our role affirmation. When he first implemented it, it was every Monday night regardless of how things were going. But over this last month or so, things have finally clicked and I've been doing really well. The fact that I had a nearly three week streak of staying out of trouble even without role affirmation really impressed him. So he's decided to switch to doing it on an as-needed basis rather than every week.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend. Happy for you and congrats on a good start to a spank-free month ;)

    1. Thanks Tricia. It was a nice weekend. I was sorry to see him go back to work yesterday.

  2. Hi Dana, Congrats on the great start to you challenge. It seems you have a happy HoH too, good on you!

    I'm glad Steve understood your frustration and those were lovely gestures from him. Making sure you had time together, taking you to dinner and the jewelry shopping. Sorry the necklace didn't work out, but I'm sure you will find another piece that you fall in love with.

    You two seem to be in a really good place. Happy for you!


    1. Thanks Roz. As we were driving back from our dinner out on Saturday, we were talking and we both agreed we liked where we're at these days.

  3. Sounds like things are going well. That's great Dana! How sweet of him to see your frustration and understand what it stemmed from and make it up to you. :)

    1. Thanks Grace. While I appreciated his gestures to make up for it, the fact that he understood my frustration was what really got to me.


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