Friday, February 8, 2013

The Good and the Bad of It

Last weekend's adventure brought a few changes. I guess any life-threatening event is bound to make you re-examine your priorities. This has led to some good things and some bad.

On the good side, there's more closeness. One of the things that domestic discipline brought to our marriage was more closeness. As we grew closer over the past few months, I didn't really think we could get much closer. I was wrong. Ever since Steve showed up to rescue me, I've been clinging to him.

And he's grew closer to me as well. A couple times this week, I've had to drive in the rain, something I hate to do. Every time, he has called shortly after I got back home to make sure I made it safely. And even on days without rain, he's called during the day just to check on me.

Also on the good side is more respect. While I don't set out to intentionally be disrespectful to Steve, it is something I have struggled with, especially since he started enforcing that rule. But this week, I haven't got in trouble a single time for disrespect. I'm thinking things through a little more before I speak and it's showing.

On the bad side, I've spent more time this week focusing on doing the things I enjoy. On the surface, that sounds innocent, at least until you think about what got neglected in order for me to take that time. If you guessed time for my household chores, you'd be right. While I didn't completely abandon all chores, I definitely slacked on them.

This morning after I got back from taking our daughter to school, I climbed back in bed with Steve. He turned on a show we both like and I laid my head in his lap and stretched out across the bed. After the show went off, he started talking, mentioning a few things he had noticed I had been slacking on. He punctuated the conversation with an occasional swat with this hand. The more he talked, the more he swatted and the harder the swats got.

I was a bit surprised because he doesn't generally spank with his hand. He tends to save his hand for the occasional erotic spanking. But I quickly found out that his hands pack just as much wallop as the implements he usually uses.

Then once I was sufficiently warmed up (his words), he sent me for the paddle and cane. It wasn't a long spanking or even really a hard one, just enough to keep my attention focused on him as he talked. The cane, thankfully, was only used for the last couple swats as a reminder of what to expect if I kept slacking, and he didn't do it as hard as he usually does.

Afterwards we snuggled for a bit and then moved on to more intimate ways of reconnecting. When I left the bedroom, I felt calm, secure and ready to face the day.


  1. And all is now right in the world of Steve and Dana. :D

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Glad you got the reminder Dana! I can testify that a hand spanking can be pretty intense if need be. The warmth afterwards is the best though! Have a good weekend,

    Hugs, Ami

  3. I am glad that it wasn't as intense as usual, and that it was just a reminder to stay on track. That's awesome about the bond building between you both this week. :) Have you been able to put the scary events from last week out of your mind? I know when I face something scary, sometimes it keeps popping up in my head for weeks.

    1. Thanks Es May. It's still on my mind. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with any more snow or ice since then. Meanwhile we've decided to keep the new truck instead of fixing it up and selling it like we planned. Steve wants me to have something with four wheel drive in case it's necessary for me to drive in bad weather again.

  4. Hi Dana, Oh yes, those little 'reminders'. Glad it wasn't more intense and yes, the hand can pack as much punch sometimes! I'm glad you feel secure and ... um ... refocused.

    You guys seem to be in such a good place, I'm so happy for you. Isn't it amazing how just when you think you couldn't possibly get any closer, that bond between you grows even tighter :)



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