Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Scent of Love

The night of our first date, I was nervous. A year after getting out of a serious relationship, I had only dated sporadically. Most of the guys I had dated during that time period were guys I already knew. I didn't know Steve that well.

I discarded several outfits before settling on one. I applied a little bit of makeup although I rarely wear it. And on the way out of the bathroom, I made a last second decision to spritz on a little vanilla body spray.

I didn't know then that Steve loved the smell of vanilla. I didn't know that my choice would be driving him wild all night long. I just liked the smell and wanted a little pick me up

Eight years later, it still drives him wild. I can walk in the bedroom wearing the skimpiest lingerie you can buy and if he's tired, he may not even notice. But let me walk in wearing frumpy sweats and a spritz of vanilla and he's tearing my clothes off.

I still use the same exact brand as I did years ago. I don't wear it all the time. If I did, we might never leave the bed. For a while when things were rocky between us, I didn't wear it at all. But since we've started TTWD, I've found myself wearing it more. I wear it not for its apparent aphrodisiac effects, although I do enjoy that, but because Steve has told me more than once that he loves it when I do wear it.

I guess you could say the scent of love around here is vanilla.


  1. Isn't it funny how smell can envoke such powerful feelings and sensations. I love the smell of Aspen on Adam and he wears it just for me.

  2. Awww Dana...what a sweet love story. I really enjoy the scent of vanilla also. What perfume have you found that smells like vanilla? Would love to get some.

    Wishing you and Steve an awesome Valentine's Day...with plenty of vanilla. ;)


    1. It's called Vanilla Fantasy by Body Fantasies, Cat. Our local Family Dollar has the small travel ones and I've saw the bigger ones at Walmart and on before. It's fairly inexpensive.

  3. My hubby rarely wears cologne but I can remember exactly what he smelled like when we first met.

    It's amazing what kind of memories a scent holds ;)

  4. I love snuggling into my baby's neck when he is wearing my favourite aftershave, It is suprising what ascent can do isn't it?

  5. This was neat Dana. Yay for vanilla! I was going to ask the same question as Cat. It is amazing what a scent can evoke isn't it? I love it when Rick wears cologne, he usually can't shake me off him LoL


  6. Our sense of smell can be so powerful when it comes to our spouses. When he's not home I can smell H's on his pillow. It makes my heart melt every time :D


  7. I love this. Scent is a powerful thing. Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. That is so cute! And so sweet that you're wearing it again. :) You might never leave the bed, LOVE THAT! :)


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