Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Most Burning Questions Answered

This was fun. I even talked Steve into answering some questions

Question from Grace: What area have you seen the most improvement in since incorporating DD into your relationship (either in yourself, Steve, or your relationship as a whole)?

Dana: I would say I'm more balanced. Before I got overwhelmed easily when faced with a big project and I'd shut down. Now that Steve gives me specific tasks to do, it's easier to focus. There's also more balance in my mood. I've always been a bit moody, but I used to let the cranky or down moods get away from me. I still have the ups and downs, but they don't go as far because Steve is there to redirect if I get carried away.

Steve is more attentive than he used to be. He pays attention to my tone and expression and notices when I get quiet. In the past, it seemed like he didn't notice those little clues or, if he did, he didn't care enough to comment on them. Now he's quicker to realize when something is going on and encourages me to open up.

For us as a couple, we're more affectionate and make it a point to show each other we care. Over the years, we got to a point where we rarely touched. We still had sex, but the little touches weren't there. Now it's rare that we don't touch each other several times a day, whether it's a big hug, a pat on the butt as he walks by or holding hands walking through a store.

Steve: I would say I've become a stronger person, not just at home, but outside the home as well. I'm a nice guy, something people sometimes take advantage of. I have a hard time saying no. But now I've learned to put my foot down at times.

Dana gets a lot more done these days. She doesn't procrastinate as much and makes more of an effort to do things that I ask her to do.

In our relationship, we've grown a lot closer. We talk more and it's not just about basic household or parenting issues. We talk about what's going on with us, the changes that we like and things we want to work towards together.

Question from Callie M: If you had to explain bruises on your behind to a medical professional, what would you say?

Dana: I actually came pretty close to having to have this conversation a while back when I had shingles. The shingles blister came up on the middle of my left butt cheek and had a bruise from a spanking on the bottom part of the same cheek. I was careful to only pull my pants down enough for the doctor to see the blister, but not the bruise.

As for explanations, it would depend on the size and location of the bruise. Some I could probably get away with saying I bumped into something or fell. My doctor knows I take a daily aspirin and I've complained before about bruising after the slightest bump so she probably wouldn't bat an eye if I told her that.

For larger bruises or ones that can't be explained away as bump or fall, I'd just tell them I'm in a consensual spanking relationship and the aspirin makes me bruise easy.

Question from Tricia: If you could be any animal, what would you be? What would Steve be?

Dana: I'd like to be a giraffe. I'm short so I'm constantly having to climb on chairs or ask someone to reach stuff for me. It would be nice to be tall so I could get things myself and see whatever I've been missing that's currently over my head.

Steve: I would like to be a dog.

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  1. Hey Dana and Steve...great questions and answers. Dana...first time I've ever heard anyone say they would like to be a cute. ;)


  2. Great answers Dana & Steve! I enjoyed reading these. :)

  3. I love giraffes!! Great answers.

  4. I enjoyed reading these Dana and Steve, wonderful answers. I can certainly relate to wanting to be a giraffe too LoL


  5. I loved your answers to which animal would you like to be! Really shows the difference between a man & a woman. You answer giraffe with your reasons why, Steve says I would like to be a dog with no explanation. Women tend to be more elaborate in their answers or as my husband says they have to give you the story behind the story! If my husband answered that question I would have to add the "I would like to be" because he would only say "a dog". Man of few words! LOL!!


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