Friday, June 27, 2014

Fool Me Once

I've always liked this expression. I tend to think people are inherently good until they give me a reason to think otherwise. I'm more wary with them after that.

As you may recall from my last post, Steve snookered me into giving up the new rubber paddle that I had bought and then second-guessed giving him. Shame on him.

Yesterday I found myself feeling that paddle yet again. More on that in a minute. After the spanking was over and we had snuggled for a bit, Steve asked which paddle I hated more, the rubber or the wood.

He had already fooled me once this week. I wasn't going to get fooled again. I'm no dummy. I knew that this wasn't an innocent question. I knew that if I answered, he'd file that little tidbit of info away in his head and remember it the next time I found myself in hot water.

So I told him they both sucked.

He just laughed. I think he knew I knew what he was up to.

As for the spanking, I have to admit it surprised me a bit. Ever since we started this journey, Steve has been trying to break me of my habit of forgetting laundry. I either forget to transfer it from the washer to the dryer or I forget to fold it and put it away. For the most part, he's succeeded. I'm a lot better about it than I used to be.

Or at least I was until this week. Over the weekend, he had mentioned he was getting low on socks. Ever the dutiful wife (quit laughing!), I made it a point to start a load of his clothes that day. I even remembered to put them in the dryer and turn it on (sadly, I've forgot that part before too). But that's all I did.

A couple nights later, he went to get some socks and he was out. Normally this is a sure-fire way for me to get in trouble, but he was tired so he let it go since I jumped up and ran out to the laundry room to get him a pair.

The second night, I remembered the socks on my own and brought a pair in for him without him saying a word. But I still didn't bring in the rest of the laundry.

On the third night, I forgot. I realized it the next morning when I heard him grumbling about it while I was half-asleep. Apparently attempting to get dressed when your sock drawer only has two holey socks is not a good thing.

Even though I knew he wasn't happy about it, I wasn't really expecting to get in trouble. For the most part, I've managed to keep myself out of trouble these past couple months. But the few times I've slipped, he hasn't even called me on it. I guess he figured with spanking on the back burner right now, it would do much good to call me on it because we both know nothing is going to happen.

That evening, Steve gave me a quick swat while I was passing through and quietly said he should spank me over the socks. Even then, I still didn't think I was really in trouble. It wasn't until later when he said I was definitely getting spanked over it along with a few other things as soon as he had the time that I realized my predicament.

But I figured it would be a while before he had the time and privacy so I just said okay. Then I made it a point to go get the clothes right then so I could get them put away before it happened again.

Wouldn't you know the very next day he got the time and privacy he needed? His parents came and picked up our daughter so they could spend some time with her since they didn't get to see her all last week while she was out of town with my family. So I was alone in the house when Steve got home.

After taking care of a few household chores, he gave me a pointed look and said he was going to the bedroom. I followed. Paddles came out, socks and other things were mentioned, promises to be good were made.

In other news, our problem with finding time and privacy may soon be over. Steve told me last night that he was told that the department is shutting down in one more week, at which point he'll be transferred to another department that has more reasonable hours. I'm hoping and praying it's true.


  1. Oh, I know exactly what it feels like to be spanked for forgetting to bring up laundry :( I have to say, I forget as well, and sometimes the clothes will sit down there for days if I don't need any of them. And it always seems to happen that my husband needs something from the laundry before I do--if it were the other way around, then I would easily remember to bring them up! This is why I want our next house to have main floor laundry!

    1. Our laundry room is in the garage, which is one the opposite end of the house. I can't imagine having to lug clothes up and down stairs. My sister-in-law used to have to do that and they had a small spiral staircase between the floors. I remember her being excited when they remodeled and put a second laundry upstairs so she didn't have to carry clothes back up.

  2. Oh goodness remind me of Stormy and her issues with laundry...poor Ogre never seemed to have towels when he got out of the shower. LOL

    I'm very bad at leaving laundry in the dryer but since it's just me, I'm the only one I irritate. *snicker*

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I could always relate to Stormy's laundry woes. Just replace the Little Mermaid towel with a Spongebob one and it could have been my story.

  3. I think we all have laundry issues. I tend to wash & dry them when I'm in the mood but nothing really gets folded or put away. Apparently he doesn't like living out of baskets. It is a rule here to keep the laundry put away but I don't always get in trouble. No trouble, no put away laundry. Until the day I do find myself in trouble.

    I also understand the rubber paddle. I recently bought him one for his birthday, thinking how bad can this one be, it's soft and squishy. Ummmm it's bad & should come with a disclaimer stating so. I've put them away. I've not told him I put them away. Hopefully, he will forget them in time.

    I am glad you've found some time. It's been difficult here too. Life needs to get out of the way sometimes.

    1. My philosophy is why fold them and put them away when you're just going to drag them back out. Unfortunately, Steve doesn't share that philosophy.

      The rubber paddle is definitely the worst invention ever. Can you imagine how that one came about. Oh look, I have a piece of rubber here. Let me smack you with it. Sheesh! I won't hide it because I'll definitely get in trouble, but I have no intention of telling him how much I hate that thing.

      It looks like the schedule change is a definite. They dismantled all the equipment today so the department is shut down. I just hope the new department they move him to has the better hours we're hoping for. We won't know until tomorrow where they're moving him to.

  4. I am sitting here chuckling only because I could have wrote the same post, well almost. I hate laundry. Right now, I have two loads that need to be fluffed and folded, a load in the dryer, a load in the washer, and about five more loads that need to get done. I always make sure the washer and dryer are going when Ty gets home. And I always try to make sure his laundry is done. But the rest of my laundry just gets pushed around. Definite breaking of our major laundry rule. So I feel your pain, not just for the stupid laundry but for the spanking.

    1. I do try to stay on top of his stuff and the towels at least, mainly because those two are guaranteed to land me in hot water. He keeps mentioning the pile of clean stuff in the laundry room that I have yet to put away, but thankfully we've both been so busy he hasn't had time to pursue that line of thought.


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