Friday, July 11, 2014

A Little Comic Relief

I've decided to follow Ami's lead and post something a little lighter to balance out all the drama of this week.

So what would your kids say if they walked in on you getting spanked?

And is it just me, or is she going the wrong way if he's going to spank with that hand?


  1. It's not just you, that man IS spanking using the wrong hand. You gotta smack UP INTO The butt man, INTO the butt! Oh well, guess whoever made this cartoon isn't as serious about their spanking ;-)

    1. Glad to hear that I'm not crazy. It's always nice to see what a HoH thinks.

  2. LoL Dana and no, it's not you. I thought the same thing.


  3. LOL red as her bottom is through her panties, he might have a sore hand and had to switch for a bit of a rest. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. Definitely using the wrong hand! lol

    I don't even want to think about my kids walking in while I was getting spanked. Ack!!!

  5. My husband switches hands sometimes ugh! I hate when he does it the way it's pictured above but it's not my call sooooo. Lol I just have to take it. I really do not know what I would say to any of the kids-but our oldest over heard one, we didn't know he had come home earlier than we expected him until we got a txt saying "is that spanking I hear?" I almost died, then he txts "lol" & later when I tried to talk to him about it he said "it's ok mom, you guys are kinky, I get it-at least you're having fun". I was so bright red in the face I could barely say a word lol. Soooo I do kinda know what this would be like except her was spared from actually seeing what he heard!
    Scarlet ; )

    1. Steve doesn't use his hand much so I don't think he's ever got to the point where he felt the need to switch hands.

      I don't know what I would say if our daughter overheard and asked about it. We try to be honest with her if she asks about stuff, Within reason and appropriate to her age level of course. But I would prefer to avoid that conversation. If it did come down to it, I just hope she's as laid back about it as it seems your son was.


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