Friday, June 29, 2012

A New Twist

Yesterday we ran into our first puzzle with DD, something we didn't really anticipate. You see I actually forgot a chore. I remembered that was something I was supposed to do, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it was. And I had a good excuse.

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 12. Over the years, I've tried various things to control and treat them. Some worked for a while, some didn't work at all. My latest regimen is a daily pill to prevent them from occurring with another medication to treat them if one does occur (because I still get an occasional one even with preventative medication).

I've been kind of lax on taking my medications lately so it shouldn't have been a surprise that I got a migraine the day before yesterday. It was a really bad one, probably making the top 10 list of migraines I've experienced in my life. I took an Imitex once I felt it coming on. In most cases, an Imitex and a nap is enough to head one off.

It didn't work. A few hours later, I took a second Imitrex. When it didn't bring relief, I did the only other thing I could. I turned out the lights, turned up the A/C (I get crazy hot when I get a migraine) and crawled into bed to sleep it off. Eighteen hours later, I felt halfway human again.

Steve and I always agree on the chores for the following day at night before bed. Thanks to the migraine, I wasn't operating on all cylinders when he gave me my one chore to do, something that would take all of 5 minutes to do and leave the rest of my day free. He reminded me again yesterday morning before he left for work, but since I was still half out of it at that point, it didn't connect.

As the day went on, I remembered that I was supposed to do something, but I just couldn't pinpoint what it was. So when Steve asked me yesterday evening why I hadn't done the one little chore he had asked me to do, I didn't have an answer. I finally admitted I knew there was something but thanks to the migraine, I was having trouble remembering what it was.

This put a bit of a twist on things. Since we're still fairly new to DD, this was the first migraine I'd had since we started. He was at a bit of a loss. On one hand, he didn't want to punish me for something beyond my control. But on the other hand, since I did remember there was something, I should have called him to explain the situation and ask what it was.

We talked about the situation. He wanted to be fair, but he also felt the need to be consistent. I could see his struggle and, while I didn't want to get spanked over it, I told him I'd respect his decision either way.

After some debate, he decided to spank. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that I had remembered there was a chore, but chose not to call and ask him what it was. If I had forgotten there was a chore at all, I probably would have gotten off the hook. Even though he did decide to spank me for it, it was a fairly easy as far as punishments go. While my bottom was stinging while he was swatting it, the pain was short-lived.

Since it was still fairly early, he sent me off to do my forgotten chore, promising that if it wasn't done by the time he got up in the morning, I would start the day with a sore bottom. Obviously, I did it. It's silly to risk a second, harder spanking over something that was done in just a couple minutes. And yes, he checked as soon as he got up to make sure it was done.



  1. I can relate to migraines Dana. I suffered with them most of my life. But since I've taken medication for high blood pressure, I don't have them any more- ever. That doesn't mean you have high BP, but just wanted to share my own story. It may not be *at all* relevant to you. Sleep always helps me too.
    It sounds like you are both OK with how things went with this situation. It feels great when it works for you. :-)
    Welcome to blogging!

    1. I don't have high blood pressure, although it is something my doctor monitors closely due to my family history of heart problems (both of my parents had heart attacks at fairly young ages). That's part of the reason my doctor chose a beta blocker as a migraine preventative. It definitely helps the migraines. Without it, I get 1-2 migraines a week. When I take it like I'm supposed to, I only get one every month or two and it tends to be milder.

  2. Welcome to blogland...I hope you like it. :)

    It sounds like you both found a good solution and that you took it very well.

    I wonder, though, if perhaps taking your daily medication might be something to add to your rules? Since that was the cause? Also because having migraines absolutely sucks and no one should suffer through that if a daily pill can manage or at least reduce it. Just an idea.

    Best of luck.

    1. Thanks for the welcome. Steve did get after me for not taking my medicine because it's not only debilitating for me, but also disrupts the household. Thankfully my sister was visiting so she stepped in and handled things for me. She helped take care of my daughter, got supper on the table and cleaned up. But she isn't always here so I can't depend on having her around the next time I get a migraine.

      While he hasn't made it a rule yet, he has been asking me every evening if I took my medicines. If I say I haven't, he tells me to go take them. He hasn't said whether he plans to keep asking, but if he stops asking and I find I'm slacking on them again, I'll ask him to make it a rule and enforce it. I have some other health issues that require daily medication so I really don't need to be going days at a time without taking them.


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