Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not a Morning Person

I've never been a morning person. Even as a child, I liked my sleep and fought getting up in the mornings. This morning was no different. When the alarm went off, I gave it a glare and debated about turning it off and going back to sleep.

Then Steve asked where the clothes I had did the other day were because they weren't in his dresser like they were supposed to be. Oops! I hopped out of bed and said I'd go get them. And he asked if they were still in the dryer with that tone (eek! less than week of being HOH and he already has the tone down). Thankfully, I was able to answer that no, they weren't still in the dryer.

It's not a rule yet (although that will probably be changing soon), but I know from remarks he's made in the past that he hates having to dig his clothes out of a basket. He hates having to dig them out of the dryer even more. This time they weren't in either place. So I scurried off to the laundry room, where they were sitting folded on top of the dryer.

As I was passing through on my way to the laundry room, I noticed the garage door was open so when I got back to the bedroom I asked him if he'd been out this morning already. He hadn't and then he reminded me that I was the last one to come in last night, which meant that I had left it open. In my defense, he almost always is the one to close the garage door because it's a manual door and being short, I can barely reach the handle to pull it down when it's open.

So I got a look (yep, he has that down too already) and a brief lecture. See me leaving the garage door open all night was problematic in more than one way. First, because we rarely lock the door between the garage and the house, someone could have came in while we were sleeping. Second, his tools and work equipment are stored in the garage so they could have been stolen by anyone walking by.

Given how the morning was rolling along, it's a wonder that I hadn't already found myself dealing with more than a certain tone, a certain look and a lecture. All I can say is that I'm grateful that our child was already up for the day, which is probably the only reason I'm sitting comfortably right now.

We sat down at our mutual computers (we each have our own as does our child), which is where I was a few minutes later when I got an honest to goodness warning. You see Steve's computer has been acting strange and he had asked me a few times to take a look at it. The man is a wonder when it comes to hardware. If you need a component replaced or even an entire computer built from scratch, he's your man.

But when it comes to software issues, he's in the dark. That is the area where I shine. He had asked me before to take a look at his computer and see if I could fix the problem. I kept saying I would and then I'd get busy (or procrastinate) and it never got done. Since I felt bad about that, I told him I would take the time to do it today or I'd give him my laptop until I had finished it.

His response? After taking a quick look to make sure our daughter wasn't within earshot, he said you WILL do it today or you're getting spanked. I'd like to say I accepted this warning gracefully, but apparently my brain wasn't firing on all cylinders yet. So instead of saying "yes Steve" like I intended, I said "I'd rather you take the computer."

Needless to say, I now have to work on his computer or I get spanked AND lose my laptop.

Did you hear that crack?

That's the thin ice I'm standing on right now.



  1. Hi Dana, I just found your blog and I'm reading from the begininning. It was sort of ironic that as I was reading *this* particular post, Henry came over and asked me if he had a clean shirt for the morning. That there isn't one in his closet. It's my job to make sure he has one. It's not "women's work" but it's the job that we have delegated to *me*. I''m usually on top of it, but I've been on the internet a bit more than usual. We've been doing Dd for nearly 3 years now. Does that make you feel better? lol :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Elysia. I usually have clean clothes somewhere (in a basket, in the dryer, or sitting on the counter in my laundry room). I just never seem to follow through with putting them away. To be honest, I'm shocked he hasn't made it a rule because I know it drives him up the wall. If he sees the mountain of clean laundry sitting on the laundry room counter right now, he probably will make it a rule.

  2. PS, I'll have to finish reading tomorrow! Nice blog! :-)


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