Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DD When You're Apart

This week will bring a new challenge for us with domestic discipline. For the first time since starting DD, we will be apart for a full week. I have to travel out of state to deal with a family issue. Between school starting for our daughter and Steve not being able to take off work that long, I will be going alone.

We haven't been apart much in our marriage. Steve has had to work out town a couple times for a week or two. I've traveled out of state twice for family issues, but both times our daughter was with me. I do take off one weekend a year to attend a hobby convention. Other than that, I don't go off alone.

So this is going to be new for us. We've both been thinking about it ever since I found out I was going to have to go.

Obviously, I'm going to have to take more responsibility for my actions since Steve won't be with me to ensure our rules are followed. I'm also going to have to be honest about when I slip since he won't be there to see any slips.

The other issue is what a week away from his leadership is going to do to my mindset. After a week away on my own and in a leadership role while at my destination, it's going to be hard to switch gears once I arrive home again.

As it stands right now, we will be talking on the phone daily and I will be expected to immediately confess any slips. They will be dealt with once I'm home again. Role affirmation, which would have normally been carried out last night, has been moved to the night before I leave. This serves a dual purpose. It gives my bottom a little more time to fully recover from the spanking I received over this past weekend and it will also reinforce our roles before I leave.

Role affirmation will also be carried out once I arrive home again. Again, this is a dual purpose decision. It will ensure we don't skip it because I won't be home on our usual night and it will help me adjust my mindset from being on my own to being his submissive wife.

Even though there will be temptation to let DD go while I'm away, I'm not going to give in to it. Instead, I plan to take this opportunity to show Steve (and myself) that I can maintain my submissiveness to him regardless of whether he's there to catch me if I slip, regardless of whether I'm dealing with stress and regardless of the leadership role I'm going to have to take while I'm away.

There is one benefit to going away though. Steve will have to step into my role as caretaker of our daughter and our home. Every time he's had to do it before (which has never been longer than a weekend), he's always came away with a deeper appreciation of everything I do when I'm here.


  1. it is hard to remain in that mindset when apart. Good luck and safe travels


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