Sunday, August 5, 2012


You know how in my post the other day I mentioned getting woke up with a spanking, but being worried about a much worse one that I had coming that evening. Well I was half right. I did get the spanking, but it was postponed by a night.

You see we ended up having the house to ourselves for a few hours on Friday night. We talked briefly about the situation and Steve let me know I did have a bad spanking coming, one that would be worse than any before. But since we had some time to ourselves, he wanted to spend it doing more enjoyable activities. So we ended up making love and going out to eat.

The spanking was supposed to be carried out later that evening. It wasn't. After our daughter was back home and we'd got her to sleep, I headed for the bedroom to prepare. And I waited and waited and waited some more. Finally he came in, only to say he was tired, after which he promptly laid down and fell asleep.

Needless to say I was frustrated. I hate worrying over a spanking only to have him put it off or forget. Yesterday he still hadn't mentioned it so I was really struggling not to get upset or get rebellious. Finally I talked to him yesterday afternoon and let him know how I was feeling. He said he'd changed his mind about the spanking. I should have been happy about it, but I felt let down. Even though I was not looking forward to the spanking, I felt like it needed to be done.

So a little later I talked to Steve again about how I was feeling. I even showed him the list I had made of each instance of rule breaking and I asked if he really thought that was something that he should let go. He agreed that it did need to be done and said he'd do it. Then we went on and enjoyed the evening.

After our daughter was down for the night, I went to the bedroom to wait. When he came in, he talked about this and he talked about that, but he never mentioned the spanking. So I brought it up only to find out he was flip flopping on it again.

Even though I had messed up royally this week, he felt like I had a good excuse due to stress I was under. I'm sure the bad news I had receiving earlier in the day played a role as well. We talked about it a little more and I finally told him I couldn't move on unless it was handled and even though I was not looking forward to it, I was asking him to do it. So he got up and gathered his supplies (the wooden spoon, his belt and the hated plastic hanger), handed me the big pillow that I lay across for spankings and told me to get into position.

It was the worst spanking by far. Unlike previous spankings, this one had three stages with breaks in between each stage. Each stage was progressively worse.

It was difficult for both of us. I was in tears halfway through it and he was close to tears himself by the time it ended. I really struggled with staying in position, especially in the last stage of the spanking, but I mostly managed it. The few times I slipped, I got back into position quickly without him having to tell me to.

Because Steve hates seeing me in pain, especially pain he's caused, he really struggled with not giving in and stopping the spanking too early. During the break between the second and third stage, we talked and he was wavering a little bit about going on. Even though it was the last thing on earth I wanted given how my bottom was feeling already, I encouraged him to carry out the full punishment I had coming.

And even though I'll be sitting gently (if at all) for a few days and I'm sure my bottom has  marks, I have to admit it was effective. I will definitely think twice before I rebel this much again. To be honest, I'll probably be thinking twice about breaking any rule. Even if he is inconsistent and it's driving me up the wall, I'm going to try to somehow dig down and find that submissive place inside of me and embrace it. Because I don't ever want to go through another spanking like that, and I know that Steve has said that if it ever goes this far again, the next spanking will be worse.

Of course, now that he's saw how much damage inconsistency causes, I doubt he'll let it get that far again.


  1. Were the three parts with the three implements in the order you listed them? So it was the plastic hanger that you could have avoided if you had quit after two parts?

    1. To be honest, I didn't focus much on what in particular he used at each stage. I was too focused on the state of my bottom. Generally the first time I break a rule, he uses the spoon. If I keep breaking the rule, he adds implements. Since I broke nearly every rule we had, some more than once, and I had already been spanked over some of those rules before, the hanger was unavoidable.

  2. Well, I'm glad for you that it's over and that you're both able to move on. Ttwd isn't always easy, that's for sure. But, I've found the results to be well worth it. (((hugs)))

    1. It was rough, but I'm glad he followed through. The results are definitely worth it. We've grown a lot closer and more open with each other since starting DD.


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