Thursday, August 9, 2012

The ABCs of TTWD

I was supposed to have left this morning on my trip and already been on the road, but thanks to a financial snag, my departure has been pushed back until tomorrow evening. There is one good thing about it, though, as now Steve and our daughter will be able to accompany me.

So I'm not going to get to see how well I can stay on track with DD while we're apart. But being stuck in a car with a kid for that long has its own challenges. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain my no punishment streak.

Anyway since I'm here, I thought I'd participate in Stormy's ABCs.

A is for accountability
B is for behavior
C is for consistency and comfort
D is for discipline
E is for effective (as in DD has been effective at bringing about changes in both of us)
F is for forgiveness
G is for go to the bedroom
H is for hope and honesty
I is for implement
J is for joint effort
K is for kisses
L is for love
M is for my man
N is for now (what I hear when I'm dragging my feet)
O is for obedience
P is for punishment
Q is for quiet spankings
R is for role affirmation and respect
S is for submission and spanking
T is for trust
U is for us
V is for vision (our vision of where we want us to be)
W is for wooden spoon
X is for X-ray vision (since he seems to know when I've got myself in trouble without even being here to see it)
Y is for yipee (what I say when I set a new record for consecutive days without getting in trouble)
Z is for zip (what I should do with my lips on days that my tongue gets ahead of my brain)

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