Friday, September 21, 2012

20 Signs You Might be in a DD Relationship

You might be in a domestic discipline relationship if:

  1. You try to steer your HoH away from any sections of the store that might have something to spank with.
  2. You call your HoH while they're at work and the first thing they ask is "What did you do?"
  3. You sit down quickly whenever your HoH unbuckles his belt.
  4. You've ever used the excuse of a fall or a hard workout to explain why you're sitting gingerly.
  5. While redecorating a room you have no problem picking coordinating fabrics because you're intimately familiar with what the carpet looks like.
  6. You have no wooden spoons in the kitchen because they're all in the nightstand beside the bed.
  7. You spend more time in the corner than your kids do.
  8. You blush any time the word shed is mentioned.
  9. You're better at finding loopholes than a lawyer. 
  10. You soundproof your bedroom before unpacking when you move to a new house.
  11. The only thing that comes out of your HoH's woodshop is paddles.
  12. You're going somewhere new and the first thing you think of is how you will handle spankings while away from home.
  13. You avoid getting in trouble before or during a long trip because you know you will be sitting a lot.
  14. Instead of receiving jewelry or chocolates for holidays and anniversaries, you get spanking implements.
  15. Your letter to Santa includes items such as numbing cream or a hall pass.
  16. When buying a new swimsuit, one of the things you consider is how well it will cover any marks or redness if you get spanked before going to the beach or pool.
  17. After sleeping on your back all your life, you now find it more comfortable to sleep on your stomach.
  18. Your HoH has tennis elbow and he doesn't play tennis.
  19. All of the wooden seats in your house have magically disappeared and been replaced by thick cushioned seats.
  20. You've finally found that marital bliss you always hoped for.

 Feel free to offer more suggestions to expand the list.


  1. Oh my Lord, this is too funny....and I can relate...especially to numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 16 and of course #20 :) Very cute post!


  2. I just about wet myself laughing over this. Very very funny while I can't relate to some (M doesn't have a shed or a woodshop thank goodness, numbers 1,2,3,4, and of course 20 are all very true. Brilliant post.


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