Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Don't Want to Brag, But...

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend that recently moved back to town. We've got together a few times since she's been back, but haven't really had the chance to talk because our husbands and kids were around. Since the guys were at work and all but one of the kids were at school, we took the opportunity to catch up.

Talk turned to our guys. She said "I don't want to brag, but..." and then commenced to bragging on her husband for a while. I'm happy for her. When we first met, she was in a bad relationship. I found out later it had gotten even worse after she moved away. Now she's found a good guy and they've been married a couple years.

It got me thinking though. Shortly after we brought DD into our relationship, Steve surprised me by telling me he'd been bragging on me to his friends and family. It really meant a lot for me to hear that because for once, he was bragging about me being the perfect wife, not just a good mom, cook, tax preparer, etc.

But as I listened to my friend brag on her husband, it occurred to me that I hadn't really been doing much bragging on mine. Sure, I've told him what a great husband I think he is. Sure, I've mentioned a few things here and there to family and friends. But, I haven't bragged like he did (or my friend did).

So I'm fixing that now. I don't want to brag, but...

I have an amazing husband.

I have a caring husband. He's stuck with me through ups and downs. He's there when I'm sick. He's there when I'm well. He stands beside me no matter what life throws at us. When I'm weak, he holds me up. When I'm strong, he lets me know how proud it makes him.

I have a husband who's a family man. When he's not working, he's spending time with me and our daughter. When work takes him away, he's always checking in to see how we're doing and to let us know how much he loves and misses us.

I have a strong husband. When I brought DD to him, he stepped up and has shown me that he's one heck of a leader. He's strong enough to lead our family through life's up and downs. He's strong enough to keep us on track, even if it means being the bad guy sometimes.

I have a husband who works hard to provide for his family. He gets up every morning and goes to a job that he hates to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. He's worked when he was sick and when he was hurt. There's been times when he went back to work the day after he was released from a week-long hospital stay.

I have a supportive husband. Even when he doesn't understand my dreams, he supports me achieving them. He picks me up when I have a temporary setback and applauds me when I reach my goals.

I have a husband who is an amazing lover. We've been together 7 years and the sex these days is just as good as it was in the beginning, if not better. Without me saying a word, he knows when I need him to drive me to new heights and when I need the tenderness of slow caresses and gentle love-making. He's not a selfish lover either. Most of the time, my orgasms outnumber his 5 to 1.

I don't want to brag, but I have the best husband a woman could ask for. And he's all mine.


  1. When it's about someone that we love, bragging is a very good thing:)

  2. I like to brag on my husband...mind you...I like to pick on him too. lol I'm happy for you and your hubby that you have each other and for your friend who has found a wonderful man for herself. :)


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