Saturday, November 17, 2012

Words of Wisdom From Dana

In this journey, I've learned a lot. In the hopes of saving someone else from falling prey to some of my mistakes, I'm sharing some words of wisdom.

If your HoH asks if your bottom is still sore shortly after a spanking, saying "No, it's already quit stinging." is not the most brilliant response. They might decide the original spanking wasn't enough and turn you back over their knee for a second round.

If you try to control the spanking by asking that a specific implement not be used and your HoH says "Okay," it's probably not going to end well. They're probably going to substitute an implement you dislike even more.

If your HoH asks why you didn't do a specific chore, "Because I didn't feel like it" is not the best answer.

If your HoH is interested in a new implement and you decide to show them a site that sells that implement, it pays to make sure that implement is the only kind sold on that particular site. Otherwise they may learn about other implements you would rather avoid.

When telling a story about something that happened to a fellow DD blogger, it's a good idea to edit out any ideas you don't want your HoH learning about. For instance, hangers and sheds.

When your HoH tells you to do something or else, "or else what?" isn't the brightest response.

When your HoH takes spanking off the table temporarily while you're sick or injured, it's not the best time to forget about submissiveness or push their buttons. You may find spanking back on the table faster than you expected.

Unless you truly don't know the answer to something your HoH asks, "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer.

When your HoH stops at home for lunch and mentions that you still haven't done your chores yet, it's probably a good idea to quit procrastinating and get to work.


  1. Yup, words of wisdom alright! lol

  2. These all seem like really excellent suggestions, Dana. You should begin a permanent list on here somewhere.
    hugs and hope your hiney is healing

    1. I really need to write these down. I've made the mistake of saying "oh no, it doesn't hurt any more" a couple times.

      As for the hiney, it's getting better. I got lucky and only had one blister and it's starting to scab over now. I still have the pain, but the painkiller the doctor gave me keeps it tolerable.

  3. Oh Dear Dana, they are certainly all excellent suggestions. I second Lillie, you should create a permanent list :)



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