Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flu Update

The good news is that I seem to have gotten a light dose of the flu. Aside from some lingering fatigue, I'm pretty much back to normal already. I did manage to catch a cold, though, thanks to the weather changing, but I'm not complaining because I'd rather have a cold than the flu any day. I do think it's time to work on boosting my immune system. I've been sick way too many times this year.

Now for the bad news...

Steve has relapsed. He seemed to be doing better other than the fatigue. He took care of me while I was sick, took over with our daughter so I could rest and even helped some friends move. Then he started feeling bad again. He spent all day in bed yesterday and he's only been up for a few minutes today.

And in other bad news...

Our daughter got the flu too. I had hoped and prayed that she wouldn't. She's pretty healthy and often will stay illness-free even when Steve and I are flat on our backs with whatever is going around. This time wasn't one of them. She woke us up the other night to announce she was going to puke. I handed her the bucket just in time. Thankfully she already seems to be getting over it so I'm praying she got a light dose and her body is fighting it off better than ours.

We already had to postpone the Christmas celebration on my side of the family, which was supposed to be this weekend. We're supposed to be at my in-laws tomorrow, but unless Steve has a miraculous recovery, I don't see that happening.

Aside from missing out on seeing family, I'm also stuck with both a turkey and a ham for just the three of us when none of us really have much of an appetite. I had already thawed them so I would have them ready to cook for my family's celebrations (one for my dad's and the other for my mom's) so I now have to cook them.

I cooked the turkey last night and I plan on doing the ham tonight. I guess I'll just chop them up and freeze them for use in future recipes. It's funny, though, because Steve always complains that we never have leftovers because we always eat at other people's houses. This year he can't make that complaint. We have enough leftovers that he'll probably be sick of turkey and ham before we run out.

And as if being sick for both major holidays this year wasn't bad enough, last night while I was eating, I lost a filling on a front tooth that was broke a few years ago. It's not hurting, but since it is a front tooth and very visible, I'm feeling pretty self-conscious and now wanting to smile right now. I'm praying I can find a dentist open this week that is willing to fix it because my insurance runs out at the end of the year.


  1. Oh my gosh. So many of my friends have bad colds or the flu right now too. I hope you all feel better soon! Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

  2. To say all of this is unfortunate would be an under statement for sure. Positives

    Sick or not, your little one is going to get better, and Santa is coming...She'll be so excited on Tuesday morning! The tooth can be fixed, and you are able to have the food you wanted, just not when. AND you are with the man you love- sounds pretty good to me :) ( I do understand your disappointment though).

    Merry Christmas Dana!

    1. Thank you Willie for the much needed kick in the pants. I've been so down about everything I wasn't even trying to look at the positives.

      Merry Christmas.


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