Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hitting the HoH Stride

Steve just keeps surprising me when it comes to domestic discipline. Just when I think I have him figured out, he throws me for a loop. I think he's well and truly hit the HoH stride and he did it without me even noticing it at first.

Take our recent bout with the flu. I wasn't too worried about spanking because both of us were too sick. What I didn't expect was to see him stepping up in other ways. He's never enforced a bedtime because he knows I'm a night owl and also that I fight insomnia on a regular basis. Yet when I was sick, he sent me to bed early a couple times. I thought he was kidding the first time he did it, but one look at his face let me know he was serious.

On another day, I mentioned I was tired and was going to take a nap. I had barely got the covers pulled up over me when my phone rang and I got up to answer it. One hour later, I was finally off the phone. He asked why I wasn't napping and then told me to put the phone up and get my butt in bed.

Even now, he's still surprising me. Normally when we come back after DD taking a backseat for a while (like in the case with the flu), he takes a while to get back into full HoH mode. During that adjustment period, I can usually get away with some things.

Not this time. I woke up with a headache this morning and promptly went back to bed. When he woke me up again later, I was a little cranky. Even though he gave me a warning, I let it fly right by without noticing it. Then I told him to bite me.

Before I could even blink he had reached in the drawer and pulled out his new paddle. Since I was in the process of getting dressed when I said it and had nothing on my bottom to protect it, I sat down fast. He came around the bed to stand in front of me and told me to bend over. I tried to play innocent and batted my eyes at him while I asked why. It didn't work.

After I still hadn't moved the second time he said it, he grabbed my arm and started to flip me over, at which point I finally cooperated since it never ends well for me when he has to put me in position. Then I felt the crack of the paddle as he said words like cranky, attitude and disrespect. It wasn't an all out spanking because our daughter was up and could walk in at any minute, but more of an attention-getter. It worked. He had my attention.

A little later, he came to find me to tell me he was taking the neighbor to the pharmacy. The poor guy has numerous health issues and has been fighting the flu as well. Even though he has a 21 year old son that lives with him, the son couldn't be bothered to go pick up his medication.

Anyway, I apologized for my crankiness with him and admitted he had surprised me by reacting immediately. Then he threw me for a loop yet again when he told me to get used to him responding right away to disrespect because from now on, he wasn't going to wait and chance forgetting or getting too tired to deal with it later.

My jaw dropped. The no disrespect rule has been the least-enforced rule since we started. While I don't set out to be disrespectful, I usually end up smarting off, snapping at him or doing something else disrespectful at least once a week, if not more frequently. Most of the time he's let it go, but if he's going to be enforcing it immediately from now on, I may be in trouble.


  1. Oh my...Who is this man and what did he do with my husband?!? LOL

    Good luck in keeping the disrespect under control.


  2. Uhoh, sounds like you'd better watch your p's & q's! (kinda disconcerting and wonderful all at the same time, isn't it? lol)

    1. Thank you Grace. You put into words what I had swirling around in my mind. I am thrilled that he's stepping up and becoming the HoH I had imagined in my head. But on the other hand, it doesn't bode well for my bottom while I adjust to this new mode.

  3. I swear this sounds like my life a little while ago. Ryan did the same thing....the not waiting....and man he meant it. I have been sent upstairs so many times....Yikes! Good luck being repectful...sounds like your man means business.

    1. He's said it before so I wasn't too worried about it at first. But since I've already got spanked again today since posting this, I think he's serious this time. I foresee a rough time for my backside while I adjust.

  4. Oh my, Isn't it both a little scary and wonderful at the same time when they step up.

    You will have to watch your P's and Q's! Good luck ... to you and your bottom!


  5. Good grief, all this sounds a bit exhausting to me! And how do you manage to spank at any time of the day? We did an experiment and I swatted my thigh with a leather paddle, a ruler and then our butter paddle up in our bedroom, and it could be heard all over the barn! Worrying or what?! So I am still working on trying to find the ultimate silent spanking implement! Hugs, Ami

    1. It involves a little work because we do have a little one running around, but it is possible. We either block the sound (with other noise like the TV or by going into a room on the opposite end of the house because sound doesn't carry from there) or he uses a silent implement. We're in the process of finding a house to buy and once we do buy, we plan on soundproofing our bedroom.

      In my experience, the silent spanking implements are the ones that sting like the dickens. Both a plastic hanger and our new cane are silent, but it's hard for me to be silent when they're used.

    2. the whole hanger thing...YOUCH! Stormy was NOT exaggerating when she said it hurts..seriously.

      Good luck Dana!


  6. Sounds like you'd better take him seriously!


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