Friday, May 24, 2013

Drumming Up Good Behavior

Ever since we've got back in the swing of things with DD (no pun intended), Steve has been pretty consistent. There hasn't been a need for punishment spankings, but he's been doing role affirmation every other day just like he said he was going to.

Last night I was at the sink doing dishes when he told me he was going to bed. A minute later, I heard him call the dogs to come to bed with him. I was a little disappointed that he took the dogs because I know he doesn't spank when they're in the room because my little protector interferes.

It wasn't so much that I was wanting to be spanked. I just felt like he had forgotten about it, especially since it was supposed to happen the night before. It had been postponed because we were both tired from working (I had went with him again) and he knew I was sore because I had a run-in with a bee on the job site. While I normally don't have a reaction to bee stings, for some reason this time it made my leg swell up quite a bit and it was hurting.

He must have remembered about the time he got in the bedroom because I heard the door open again. A minute later he poked his head in the kitchen and told me to put the dogs out when I came to bed.

I finished up the dishes and headed for the bedroom, putting the dogs out when I came in. We snuggled and watch TV for a bit and then he asked if I was ready. I don't know why he always asks me that. Nine times out of ten, the answer is no.

But even as I was saying no, I was grabbing my pillow and getting in position. Nothing happened for a minute. Then he started and I busted out laughing.

You know that drumroll thing they sometimes do before a big announcement. Yeah, he was doing that on my backside. He had the paddle in one hand and his wooden turner in the other hand. Even though they're both wooden, it was a weird sensation because they feel totally different.

He stopped for a minute until I could get the laughter under control. Then he resumed and I cracked up again. He was still drumming, but was now humming along to the beat.

He quit playing after that and got down to business. Later as we were snuggling up, I asked if he was trying to drum up some good behavior. He smirked and said absolutely.


  1. Lol! I had a fit of giggles last night because hubby was spanking away and he asked me if I'd be ready for him to inspect the dining room when he came home for lunch and I said no. He asked if I was sure and for some reason it was just too funny. By the end we were both rolling.
    I'm very glad you got your role affirmation. I know, I think we all do, when promises aren't kept we get cranky and hurt.

  2. LOL, that gave me the giggles, Dana. I don't think I've ever laughed during O_o Don't you hate it when they smirk, lol


  3. Wonder what the puppies think? They see parts of our lives that other humans would find distinctly odd. Glad he stepped up.

  4. Aww! I loved that! It's sweet that he asks you and it is nice that there was some lighthearted fun too!

    We have a little dog too. He is a rescue and he dearly loves me. He gets extremely upset when I kiss anyone else: husband or children. He gets so jealous! Any loud noises like smacks, thunder, shooting... also make him shiver with fear so we always put him up first. ;)

  5. No while getting into position and grabbing pillows...that I can relate to. We have to put our pups up too. One night they were barking are clawing at the door trying to get in and "save" me. lol So glad he didn't forget and was able to prove to you again how much you mean to him.


  6. Lol I can't see Tm ever doing anything like that, mostly because he is generally quite serious anytime I am going to or getting spanked. I am more likely the one to make a joke and then regret it since it is bad timing when I'm in trouble lol


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