Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still Got It

It was one of those unexpected moments that we as parents have learned to take advantage of. Steve's parents had dropped by to ask if our daughter could go shopping with them. They were barely out of the driveway when I texted Steve.

I'm all alone. Want a nooner?

He texted back almost immediately.

Sure. I'm on my way.

I thought he was kidding. He was working and he doesn't generally take off in the middle of the day. He has once or twice in the past, but it was because he had to come home for something anyway. So I went on with what I was doing and didn't think much of it until a second text arrived.

I'm almost home.

I had just set down the phone when I heard the sound of a truck coming down our road fast. I don't know how fast he was going, but he was in a hurry. I met him at the garage door and we stumbled through the garage kissing and touching all the way. We were so focused on each other, we nearly tripped over the dogs as we came in the house.

As we passed through the kitchen, he backed me up against the counter and gave me one of those long kisses that never fail to turn me to jelly.

By the time we made it to our bedroom door, clothes were flying. We collapsed on the bed still kissing. We were both too worked up to spend much time on foreplay. It was one of those times when you just can't wait another second to have each other. And then

Afterwards we laid there in a state of bliss until it occurred to us that our daughter would be back any minute. He jumped in the shower to cool off and I got dressed. The doorbell rang just as I was exiting the bedroom.

It's nice to know that after nearly 9 years together, we still got it.


  1. Wow...sure is getting hot in here! So happy you two had that sweet connection time. ;-)


  2. Yay! Love those moments of spontaneous reconnection! Good for you both!


  3. love it when this happens... it's the best feeling to have sex on the sly! heehee! good for you!!!

  4. Aawww, I really like this post! Yeah, you still got it, and that is great! Aren't you so glad you texted him? ;-)

    I just read your previous post, too, so Happy Belated DD-iversary!


  5. Wow Dana,

    As Irishey said, bet ya glad you sent that text LoL. Got to make the most of the opportunity and there's nothing like those spontaneous moments. Good for you I say!


  6. Awesome :) Those times are always so much fun :D


  7. Awesome! I love these moments now and then. :)

  8. Sounds amazing Dana!! Those moments that you sneak in are always the best :)


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