Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He's Back!

HoH Steve has returned.

For various reasons, DD got put on the back burner for a while. Things went okay at first, but with all the stress we've been under lately, thing started going downhill fast.

That came to an end last Thursday when Steve decided he'd had enough and spanked me. It wasn't as bad as I probably deserved, but it let me know that he hadn't forgotten about it and that he was serious about getting us back on track.

Thanks to that spanking, we ended up talking for a couple days. Our talks led to an agreement that a clean slate was needed so we could start fresh again. That spanking happened over the weekend. As with the previous spanking, it wasn't as bad as it probably should have been. While he did use the paddle, he took it fairly easy on me since it had been a while.

On Monday, he wanted me to go somewhere with him and I didn't want to go. We went back and forth for a minute or two before it occurred to him that he didn't have to argue with me about it. So he told me to quit arguing and get my butt in the car. I didn't even have to look at him to see he was serious; the tone alone told me. I shut up and got in the car.

Then there was yesterday. Before he left for work, Steve asked me to gather the trash and recycling and take them to the curb. Normally, this is something he does, but he knew he had a lot going on and might not have a chance to get to it.

I was busy yesterday and forgot all about it. When I came to bed last night, he was sitting up watching tv so I laid my head in his lap and stretched out across the bed. Then I felt him shift and the ominous sound of a drawer opening.

The paddle came out and he asked me what I was supposed to do. I was drawing a blank so I started naming things he had asked me to do recently (things I had actually done-I'm no dummy). Finally he took pity on me and told me what it was, but not before my bottom was on fire. I think I'm going to have to go back to leaving myself notes of what chores he gives me.

It seem strange to be happy over getting spanked three times in the last week or getting told to quit arguing and get in the car, but I am. When Steve steps back from leading, I feel adrift. Now that he's stepping back up and taking the lead again, my stress level is coming down and I feel a lot more balanced.

As for the housing situation, there's nothing really new on that front. The last time the landlord was here, Steve told him to get everything he planned on getting because he wasn't going to keep coming back every day or two. We haven't saw or heard from them since so I guess they finally got the hint..

One of Steve's friends gave us a lead on two houses that are nearby. We liked both of them, but I'm leaning more towards the second one we looked at because it's on a bigger piece of property and has a creek. Right now neither of the houses are on the market. We're hoping we can work out something before they do since houses in that price range sell fast.

In other news, Steve may be getting a new job. While out the other day, he happened to meet the supervisor of the county maintenance department. They got to talking and it turns out he has an opening in his department and thinks Steve has the skills to fill it. He told him to fill out an application and get it back to him ASAP. He'll have steadier hours, weekends off, benefits and paid holidays and vacation days if he can get it so we have our fingers crossed that it will work out.


  1. Ooooh, I'll be praying about the new job...and will continue to pray about the housing situation. I know exactly what you mean about feeling adrift when he steps back. I'm glad things are back on track! :)

  2. Go Steve! It's amazing what a little leadership does for our stress level. Glad to hear he's back and giving you what you both need in the transition time.


    1. Thanks P. I'm definitely less stressed when I know he's got things under control.

  3. Hey Dana,

    Glad to hear things are getting back on track for you two. It's amazing how we feel lost when they step back isn't it?

    I have my fingers crossed for you both with the housing situation and the job! Glad to heat you haven't seen anymore of the landlords. That must take at least a little bit of the stress off.


    1. Thanks Roz. It's surprising how much relief I felt when he stepped up.

      I spoke too soon on the landlord situation. They showed up last night and handed us a 3 day notice to get out. I'm pretty sure it's a defective notice (I think our state requires 10 days before they can proceed with legal action), but I've got a call into Legal Aid. The attorney that has been handling our case is in court all day today so the secretary said she'd pass our files to the other attorney there and hopefully she'd be able to help in the meantime.

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Steve gets the job! But I'm sorry you still have problems with your landlord. That must be so stressful for you.

    We have a similar 'trash' agreement. Usually either we both take the bins down to the gate, (it is a very, very long way!) or I take them with a rest in the middle. Then Dan brings them back. But there is nothing worse than laying peacefully in bed after a long hard day and realising you forgot, and that the dustmen will sail right by about 7am and your rubbish will have to wait another two weeks! I very nearly got a spanking myself the last time it happened!

    Glad Steve knew what to do to aid your memory!



    1. Thanks Ami. We pay for trash pickup, which is why Steve gets perturbed if we don't get it out in time. Then he has to haul it off himself and we've paid for a service we didn't even use.

  5. Hey Dana...So happy to hear that your HoH is 'back'. Sending lots of prayers and positive energy for Steve's job prospects and your housing situation.

    Those landlords are pure D jerks...sending lots of positive thoughts that karma bites them in the butt...big time!


  6. SO glad that you two are able to start finding the balance again. :) It does seem easier when they take over, doesn't it. :)

    1. Thanks Es May. It really does seem easier when he's in charge.


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