Friday, August 9, 2013

One, Two, Three Spankings

Do you ever wish life had a do over button? I know I have several moments in my life that I wish I could go back and do differently. The one on my mind today is one that happened last week, one that led to me getting spanked three times in one day.

It all started with the family day I didn't get. I was upset about it. I was feeling neglected, like my family would rather spend time with everyone else but me. Granted, I played a role in the failed family day. Instead of taking advantage of what was left of the day, I was stubborn, a move that I ended up regretting because a little time together is better than no time together..

I might have been able to let it go, except I was spending a lot of time alone. As soon as Steve would get off work, he'd gather our daughter and take off again. When I'm upset about something, leaving me alone with my thoughts is not a good idea. Negative thoughts start sneaking in and I get wound up.

By Thursday, I was pretty ticked off about the whole situation. Instead of lashing out, I tried to do the right thing by talking to Steve. I asked if we could have a date night, stressing that I really needed some one on one time. We agreed that I would call his mom in the morning and ask if she could take our daughter for a few hours on Friday night so we could be alone. With a plan in place, I finally relaxed and slept like a baby for the first time all week.

The next morning, he decided to let me sleep in until he had to leave. That meant he was dealing with our daughter while getting himself ready for work. She decided that she wanted to go with him and was pretty adamant about it. He finally told her that if she would stay home, he'd go camping with her that night. I woke up just in time to hear that remark.

When he came in to wake me up, I was sitting on the bed steaming. I reminded him of our date night, but he blew me off, saying he had to get to work. I didn't bother calling to see if his mom could babysit since it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to get the alone time he had promised..

I ended up forgetting all about the chore I had for the day. Or maybe my subconscious remembered it and said who cares. Either way I didn't think a thing about it until Steve had been home for a little while and mentioned it.

I could tell he wasn't happy about it, but our daughter was pushing him to set up the tent (they camped in the backyard) so he just said he'd deal with it later and then went outside. A little while later, he came back in to get the sleeping bags and other things they needed for the camp out. He pulled me aside and told me he would be back in once she fell asleep to deal with me.

I ended up staying up until 2 am, but he never came back in. He fell asleep. I had a rough night because I don't sleep well if he's not in bed with me.

Needless to say, I wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine the next morning. I was already upset over the whole week and a crappy night of tossing and turning.hadn't done my mood any favors. Steve reminded me of the chore and went off to work.

I waited until the afternoon to even start the chore. I couldn't find my dustpan, which I needed, so after looking all over the place for it, I gave up and said the heck with it. Then I curled up with a book for the rest of the afternoon.

I was in the restroom when he came in. I could hear his footsteps going through the house to check on the room I was supposed to have cleaned and then backtracking quickly. Oddly, I didn't hear our bedroom door open. When I came out of the restroom, he was standing beside the door waiting. He didn't say a word, just pointed towards the bed with one hand.

A quick peek showed the bedroom door was locked. When I heard the drawer behind me slide open, I knew I was in for it. Only the quiet, stingy implements like the cane are stored in that drawer. Thankfully he let me keep my pants on, but it still hurt like the dickens. When he went to comfort me afterwards, I pulled away and sat down on the floor. Unlike most spankings, I came up from this one madder than I was to start with.

Steve let me be, but on the way out the door, he said that was for the day before. Then he left to go to the neighbor's house, taking our daughter with him. I'll admit that it wasn't until he'd been gone for a while that it occurred to me that if that spanking had been for the day before, I had another one coming.

When he came back, he was alone. He had left our daughter playing with the neighbor's kids so we could be alone for a little bit. He led me into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. After a minute, I joined him. Then he started talking. It was part apology for his part in it, part lecture for my part in it and part trying to get me in a better mood.

I guess it was obvious he wasn't getting through to me because a few minutes later, Steve pulled me across his lap, took off my pants and started paddling. It was the rapid-fire hard swats that I hate, the ones that come too close together to recover before another lands. I squirmed and wiggled and tried my darnedest to get loose, but he wasn't having it. He just pulled me back into position and kept paddling.

You would think after two spankings, I'd be all soft and submissive, but I wasn't. I was even madder. As soon as he let me go, I scooted off his lap and across the bed as far as I could go. When he tried to comfort me, I didn't push him away, but I stiffened, refusing to allow him to soothe me.

After a couple minutes, Steve realized that I wasn't letting things go and I was just getting madder. He pulled me back over his lap and round three began. Having learned his lesson from the first two spankings, he kept going until I gave in. He didn't stop until I quit fighting, my body going limp and the tears flowing. This time when he let me up, I didn't push him away or stiffen. I curled up in his arms and buried my face in his chest, letting him hold me until the tears stopped.

Afterwards, we talked and I tried to help him understand how it makes me feel when he's so busy that I don't get alone time. So far, it seems like he's taking it to heart what I said. He's been making more of an effort to spend time together. In fact, our daughter is going off to stay with family for the weekend and he's already told all his buddies that he plans to spend the next few days with me. He's even talking about tomorrow off so we have the entire weekend together.

So that's the whole sad story about how I got three spankings in one day, one evening to be exact. The next day I got my family day and it was wonderful. But my buns were definitely aching between the effects of those three spankings and all the hiking.


  1. Dana,
    So sorry it three to make a difference!

    1. It was definitely not the norm for us. I don't think it's ever taken more than one to make the difference.

  2. Hello, usually I'm a lurker but Three is a number I've hit several times. I don't know why sometimes it takes that much of a sore bottom to finally let go of the self-pity/anger/frustration. I'm sorry you also for tithe dreaded 3! Liz

    1. Welcome Liz. It was my first time hitting three and considering how sore I was for a couple days afterwards, it's not an experience I wish to repeat.

  3. Oh bless you, I hope you have a really brilliant weekend to make up for 3 spankings in one day.
    love Jan.xx

  4. Oh Dana, it can be so hard to let go sometimes, can't it? I'm sorry it was such a hard night on you, but you sound like you are in such a good place now. :) I hope you both are able to keep carving out couple time. {{{HUGS}}}

  5. It's strange how it sometimes takes a real barnwarmer to get us to give in and acknowledge our shortcomings. But that feeling afterwards, all warm and close, is worth it. I can sympathise about not getting enough time just for the two of you - we seem to be like that all the time at the moment, just running in order to stand still.

    I hope you can manage to find some time for an evening out. We all need couple time.



  6. Hi Dana,

    I'm sorry you went through this and that it took 3 spankings to get there. It's awful when we come up from a spanking even madder. I can certainly understand your feelings about lack of alone time. Glad you talked through it afterwards and that Steve understood and has done his best to arrange more alone time for you. So glad all of this ended with you having your family day.


  7. It is horrible when it takes so much to finally get through. I've done this lately and ended up in the same place.....with a much more sore bottom :(

    I'm happy you got your day though!!


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