Thursday, August 15, 2013

Words of Wisdom from Dana: Round 4

It's been a while since I've offered some words of wisdom for you guys so I figured it was time for another round.

Offering spanking advice to your HoH is never a great idea. Either they're going to think you're telling them what to do or they're going to use the advice you were foolish enough to offer them for your next spanking.

Inconsistency only lasts so long. Eventually an inconsistent HoH will get the hang of consistency.

As long as implements are still out, there's a chance the spanking might not be over yet. It's best to wait until they're put away, you've got clothes on and you've put some distance between you and your HoH before you let that sassy remark fly out of your mouth.

The day before you go hiking is not the day to get spanked three times.

Thoughts of being stoic during a spanking and not squirming or yelling tend to go out the window within the first few swats.

Just because you're enjoying a child-free romantic weekend, it doesn't mean you won't get spanked.

Whether you've been doing TTWD for a week, a month or a year, there's always going to be that one thing that will get you spanked every time. Here's a clue: it's your HoH's biggest peeve.


  1. Dana,
    You hit the bullseye with this post. All of your words of wisdom are true

  2. LoL Dana,

    Very wise words of wisdom!


  3. Oh Dana, how true all of the above is, Why don't we learn ?
    love Jan.xx

  4. definitely have some very sage advice here Dana...just hope everyone listens. ;)


  5. LOL Good to remember, wait until the implements are put away! ;) Even then, are you really that safe? ;)

  6. Now if only we could just consistently take our own good advice, eh? ;)

    P.S. Grant ALWAYS has an implement out...a brush, his belt, or if all else fails, a hand.



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