Thursday, September 26, 2013


I've had my share of meltdowns since we started this journey. Even though I asked for this type of relationship, it still took some time to adjust and I didn't always handle things well while I made those adjustments. However, in over a year of living in a domestic discipline relationship, I have never had a meltdown like I did earlier this week. It was a meltdown of epic proportions.

Rather than relive the whole meltdown, I'll just sum it up for you. It started with some snapping and ended shortly after Steve sent me for the paddle with me telling him he could get it himself and where he could stick it when he got it. Yeah, not one of my finest moments.

Now you would probably think that the next thing that happened was me getting the spanking to end all spankings. Even though I knew that was probably what was going to happen, I was beyond the point of caring so I just stomped off. He followed a few minutes later and I could tell he was ticked, but he didn't say anything other than he had to get to work.

Not ten minutes after he left, sanity returned. I was horrified. Not because of the spanking I no doubt had coming, but because of the way I had spoke to him. We've had our share of fights over the years, but I don't think I've ever went that far before. I called to apologize and he said we'd talk about it later.

All day long it was on my mind. I felt terrible. The guilt was eating me up, literally making me sick to my stomach. I couldn't even stand to look at myself.

When Steve got in from work, our daughter asked to go to a neighbor's house to play with their kids. We got her off to their house and then he started working on one of the cars. Even though he was busy, I took the opportunity to talk to him about what had happened that morning. He didn't say much, but what he did say hit me hard.

The one line that kept ringing in my head was that he didn't deserve to be treated like that. He was absolutely right. We started this because I asked for this. While he has his struggles with consistency at times, he's a good HoH. That aside, he's a wonderful husband, father and provider.

He was on the phone when I came to bed that night so I just laid my head in his lap and waited quietly. Once his phone call was done, I wasn't at all surprised when he inched up my gown and landed several stinging swats with his hand. Then he stopped. I figured he was wanting to reposition because we were going to be a while or maybe that he was reaching to grab an implement out of the drawer, but he just rolled over and went to sleep.

I was stunned to say the least. I lay there for a little while trying to wrap my head around what had happened, or rather what had not happened. I couldn't go to sleep after that so I got up for a while. It was the wee hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep and I slept so crappy that I was up before the alarm even went off.

Steve got up a little while later and started getting ready for the day. Finally I just couldn't take it any more and asked him flat out why he let me off so easy. He just said he was tired. But even though I knew he had plenty of time before he had to leave, he made no effort to do anything about it.

I spent the whole day struggling with emotions. I still felt terribly guilty about what had transpired. On top of that was the fear that he had given up on TTWD. I mean if telling your HoH he can shove his paddle up his, well you know, isn't reason enough for a spanking, then what is?

When we went to bed that night, I once again laid my head in his lap. After a little while, he slid my gown up, but then he just rubbed my lower back and the upper part of my butt (for some reason he likes rubbing my butt now). I raised up my head to look at him and asked if I was off the hook. He said yes.

I digested that for a bit and then popped my head up again. I was mad and hurt and really struggling to keep it together so I didn't have another meltdown. I took a deep breath and laid it all on the line for him. I told him I felt awful about the way I had handled things and what I had said. I told him I was hurt that he just didn't seem to care. I even told him I was mad at him for letting me talk to him that way and for leaving me hanging with this cloud of guilt over my head.

As it turns out, Steve hadn't heard my comment about the paddle. Once he did, though, there was no way he was going to let that go. Before I knew it, he had pushed me back down on his lap, his paddle had magically appeared in his hand and he was raining down fire on my backside.

After what seemed like forever but was probably only a few minutes, all those emotions that I had been struggling with finally let loose and I started crying. Normally he stops once he sees tears, but he didn't this time. He just shifted position to pull me into his chest and kept right on going. I was a blubbering mess by the time he finally laid down the paddle and wrapped his arms around me.

Even once he stopped, the tears kept coming. I haven't cried that hard in quite a while. Over the past couple months, he's been hit and miss about getting me to that point where I truly let go, but this time he definitely hit the mark.

Later after I calmed down, we talked some more. Then we made love. I went to sleep with my still flaming bottom nestled against him and his arms around me. And I slept like a baby.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kenzie's Spanking Survey

1.) Was there a certain event from your life, that sparked the spanking interest? If so, feel free to share:
I can't pinpoint any specific event. Early in our relationship, we dabbled a little in erotic spankings and realized we both enjoyed them. The domestic discipline part didn't come until later and grew out of my desire for a more traditional marriage.

2.) What do you most often call your HOH/Spanker? (Sir, Master, etc.)
Usually Steve or hon. Occasionally a Sir will slip out, but it's more something that happens than anything intentional.

3.) What does your HOH/Spanker most often call you? (Young Lady, Girl, etc)
Hon or mama.

4.) We're building a big spanko bonfire, which one implement are you bringing to toss in?
This one's a no brainer. That infernal cane would be the first thing to go.

5.) We all know how many punishments there are to choose from; spanking, lecturing, corner time, etc.. but what about rewards? Do you have a favorite 'reward' that is used? If not, what's something you'd like used as a reward?
We don't really do rewards. The best reward he gives me is appreciation for what I've done. Of course, hearing him brag to other people about what a great wife I am is nice too.

6.) What's that one phrase, that when it's used, you know you're in trouble?
Since we usually can't handle things right away, it's "We'll deal with this later." If we have the privacy to deal with it right then, it's "Bend over." Sometimes he'll just give me a look and I know right away that I went too far over the line.

7.) What's something you'd like to cross off your spanking bucket list? Being shy is not an option here people. ;)
Getting a hall pass? Although Steve says that's never going to happen.
8.) Someone comes to you, and says they just started practicing domestic discipline. What's the biggest piece of advice you can give them?
Don't get so caught up in doing things the way they are on a specific blog or in your head. If you're truly going to let your partner lead, that means letting them lead in their own way, even if it's different than you thought it was going to be. That was one of the hardest things for me to learn.

9.) Where is the craziest place you've been spanked?
This one was a tough one because we generally only spank when we have privacy which means at home in our bedroom. If I had to choose one, I guess it would be the laundry room. Number one, because I was leaning over the washer (a real feat for someone short like me). Number two, because we could have got caught easily. 
10.) We talked about a spanking bucket list, now let's get a little more into it.. what about a BDSM style bucket list? What's something you'd like to cross off of that?
Nipple clamps. Steve likes tweaking my nipples during sex and it's a huge turn on for both of us.

11.) Is there a punishment you thought you'd never try, but ended up trying and finding effective?
We mainly do just spanking. He did once threaten to take away my internet, something I never expected him to do. While it was unexpected, it was effective because I didn't want to give up my internet.

12.) What is something you wish you knew before you started DD/TTWD?
That sometimes you spend more time off roading than actually on the path. DD is sometimes messy and you have to take the rough patches with the good ones. In all honesty, I think the rough patches are the ones where we grow the most.

13.) If you could take a break from one rule, for one week, which rule would it be?
This one was a tough one. I would say the bedtime rule, but since it's rarely enforced, it's not a huge deal. I guess the dishes rule. They're one of my most hated chores and it's a rule that they have to be done every night before bed.

14.) This might sound like a no brainer at first, but really think about it. If you could only have one sort of spanking in your dynamic, would you rather it be discipline or fun?
Discipline. While the discipline ones aren't any fun, they return much more than the fun ones. They help me let go of the guilt and Steve let go of his frustration so we can move on instead of dwelling on the past.

15.) If your HOH/Spanker messed up, and offered to let you spank them, would you? Why/Why not?
No. He's offered to let me spank him before. Not because he messed up, but so he could see what it was like on my end of the implement. It just didn't feel right.

16.) What is your favorite form of aftercare?
Snuggling. I curl up in his arms and he strokes my hair. Sometimes sex follows, but not always.

17.) How was DD/spanking brought up to you, or how did you bring it up to your partner?
I came across it online while looking for something else. At first I wasn't at all interested, but the more I read, the more it made sense. It took me over a year before I worked up the nerve to tell Steve. I spent several days writing all my thoughts down in an email and then sent it to him. Then I high-tailed it to the bathroom and took the longest shower of my life while he read it.

18.) If your spanker could use only one implement from here on out, what would they use?
Probably the paddle. He really likes it.

19.) Do you have a favorite pair of panties to wear when you know you're going to be spanked? If so, what are they?
I've been thinking about ordering some made out of steel, but I'm not sure how well that's going to go over with him. I don't really have any specific ones I wear for spankings.

20.) Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it) mind reading hasn't yet been perfected. What's something you want your HOH/Dom/Spanker to know? (For example, don't be afraid to spank harder, or something along those lines.) Don't be afraid, spill!
I'd be in a lot more trouble if he could read my mind. I already let more slip out of my mouth than I should. As for what I would want him to know, I'd tell him that I know that this isn't always easy on either of us, but I love him for caring enough to do this. I'd also let him know that I'm not breakable and it's okay to spank a little harder and be more strict.

*Bonus Question (just because it's fun)- Is there a picture (spanking, dd, Ds, etc related) that you just really love? If so, let's see it!*
I came across this one the other day. It's obvious by his stance, the belt in his hands and him rolling up his sleeves that he means business. The words make it even more real.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update on Steve and the Wreck

After keeping Steve in the emergency room for most of the night running tests, the hospital released him to come home this morning. He was more banged up than we thought with some injury to the muscles in his neck and back. He came home with a prescription for pain killers and orders to avoid strenuous activity until they heal, which pretty much means no work since he's in construction.

He got our daughter off to school while I called his boss to tell him the bad news. Then since neither of us got much sleep last night, we crawled back in bed. He slept for most of the day. He hasn't said much since he's been up, but judging by how slow he's moving, he's hurting.

The car he was driving when he got hit (the one he just got me by the way) didn't fare so well either. It damaged the driver's side and front end, as well as busting the windshield. It can be fixed, but it sucks because we just put it on the road. I hadn't even got to drive it yet because he wanted to make sure everything was perfect for me before he handed over the keys.

On top of all this is the financial issue. I've started a claim with the other driver's insurance company (both the witness and the accident report agree it was their fault), but who knows how long that's going to take. In the meantime, we still have bills to pay. Since Steve's the sole provider of our family, it puts us in a mess if he's not able to work.

He's already stressed enough over being injured and having the new car tore up so I didn't want to add any stress by bringing up finances. Either it was on his mind too or my face is easier to read than I thought. About the time that I realized the only solution was to raid our house fund to pay bills until he's back on his feet or I can find a job, he brought up the subject himself.

He said his boss had called asking if he was up to working tomorrow. Needless to say, I was not happy. He knows Steve is injured. I just called this morning and told him what the doctor said.  Once I finished venting my irritation at the utter gall of that jerk, it got worse. Steve told me he'd told him yes, he'll be there in the morning.

I begged and pleaded with him to at least give it a few days before he went back, but he'd already made up his mind. He promised to take it easy and use a helper for any lifting, but it doesn't make me feel any better about it. He's going to be hurting because he won't be able to take anything stronger than Tylenol while he's working. Not to mention, since he's not giving his injuries enough time to heal, there's a possibility he's going to make them worse.

I know where his decision is coming from. He takes his role as provider for our family very seriously and he doesn't want to raid our house fund to provide for us while he's hurt. But if it comes down to him being healthy or having to wait a little longer to get our house, I'd much rather have him healthy. Unfortunately, after letting me have my say, he said his decision was final and he didn't want to hear anything else about it. I just have to pray that he doesn't hurt himself more.

Thank you all for the prayers and kind thoughts. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prayers Please

I don't normally post twice in one day, but I am right now to ask for prayers. Steve got in a wreck earlier. He seemed okay at first, but started hurting pretty bad so he decided to go to the emergency room to get checked out. I couldn't go with him because he didn't want me to wake up our daughter so he had a friend take him. Please keep him in your prayers.

Off Roading and Getting There

Lately my submission switch has been firmly in the off position. Steve has been so busy between work and getting my car on the road that he let me go a lot longer than he should have. Even though I knew in my head that his lack of attention was because of everything going on rather than a lack of interest, I started spiraling.

The first sign that he was aware of my off roading and not happy about it came the night before last. I had been on the phone and it was late when I came to bed. I figured he'd be asleep, but he was sitting up in bed with his laptop when I came in. When he put it away, I moved in to snuggle, only to have him say he was tired and roll over, pulling the blanket up over him. Then he said over his shoulder that I was lucky I had been on the phone so long because he was too tired to light me up like he had planned.

You would think a comment like that would have set me back and made me rethink a few things. But submission had flown the coop. So I just said Pfft! and continued my off road expedition.

We talked a little yesterday on the phone but we were both busy so we really didn't get too far. So I have to admit I wasn't really expecting anything when I came to bed last night. To my surprise, after watching TV for a bit, Steve told me to get the cane.

I wasn't exactly thrilled at his choice because I hate that thing, but I didn't complain, just got up and got it for him. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Maybe he was taking it easy on me because the cane hadn't been used much lately or maybe he was just too tired to realize that he was going easy. Afterwards we snuggled for a bit and then he went to sleep.

I couldn't sleep so I laid there thinking for a while. As much as I hated to admit it, he hadn't got me there, that constantly moving point where I truly let go and open up so he can get through. Some days he gets me there in just a few swats or words; other days it takes more effort. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he had missed that point a few times lately. In hindsight, that's probably why I've been struggling so much.

I knew I needed to talk to him about it, but I wasn't looking forward to it. It's a delicate area and required some tact. I needed to figure out how to tell him without leaving him feeling like I was blaming him for not getting me there.

To my surprise, Steve took the issue right out of my hands this morning. First he mentioned something about getting his paddle out. Then he asked me point blank if the night before had been enough. I was quiet for a minute before telling him no, it hadn't been. He said that's what he figured, but he wanted to hear what I thought.

After I got our daughter off to school, I came back in the bedroom. I knew he was planning on going in to work late because we had to run some errands this morning. Since there was a couple hours before the places we needed to go opened, I figured he'd probably take care of things while we had the house to ourselves. But he just snuggled for a while before getting up to shower. I guess he wanted some time to think about things before he decides on a course of action.

So that's how things stand right now. While I'm tempted to start telling him what I think he should do, I'm staying quiet for now. Me telling him what to do makes me the leader, not him. I want need him to work it out. He knows me well, better than I know myself at times, and I need to trust that he will figure out how to get us both where we need to be.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spanking Survey

I saw this survey over at Rules to Love By and realized I'd never filled it out. So here goes.

Have you ever gotten spanked?

Are you spanked bare bottom, over panties, or over clothes?
All the above, although it usually ends bare bottom. To be honest, my favorite is over the quilt. That sucker is thick and padded and you barely feel a thing. Unfortunately Steve doesn't like it as much as I do..

What is the best thing about being spanked?
Being able to put things behind us so we can move on. I used to get hung up on my guilt over stuff and he'd be resentful because we never actually dealt with anything. Now we handle it and we can both move on.

What position do you get spanked in?
Whatever one Steve decides on. I've been spanked over his knee, over his lap, over a pillow on the bed, laying flat on the bed, over the side of the bed, over the couch, standing up.

Have you ever gotten spanked in public?
He might give me a playful swat in front of friends, but any serious spanking is done in private.

What do you get spanked with the most?
For a long time, it was the wooden spoon, but lately it's been the paddle..

On a scale of 1-10 how much does the average spanking hurt?
5. If I've did some serious rule breaking or get too out of hand, they're a lot worse.

Have you ever been spanked for something you don't feel you deserve?
Only once, but by the time it was over and I had truly "heard" what Steve was saying, I was in agreement that it was deserved.

Have you ever been spanked with a hairbrush?
No. There's a reason I only have plastic-backed hairbrushes.

Have you ever been spanked so hard you started to cry?
The pain isn't what gets me to tears. It's what is said during the spanking and my own guilt over what led up to the spanking.

Were you spanked as a child?
Very rarely.

Do you think spanking is fun?
It can be if that's the intent.

What does your HoH say to you before your spanking?
He usually tells me what I'm getting spanked for. Sometimes he'll lecture a little bit. Then it's "over my lap" or "bend over."

Have you ever gotten spanked for bad driving (speeding ticket, etc)?
No, but I've been told that a speeding ticket is guaranteed to get me one heck of a spanking.

Have you ever got a spanking for no reason at all?
He always has a reason, even if I don't realize that at the time.

Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher?

Is your butt spankable?

Is spanking your hobby?

Are you currently in trouble?
I hope not.

Do you get lectured during the spanking?
Yes. For some reason, I tend to hear him better when I'm in that position.

Have you ever seen someone else get spanked?

Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing?
Not so much for cursing as I don't do it much, but once for cursing at him. If I get wound up and start letting too many 4 letter words fly, he will tell me to knock it off though.

Have you ever gotten spanked for lying?
Once and it was a memorable one, not one I ever hope to repeat.

Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking implement in a spanking session?

Do you hate spankings?
No. I may not be happy about it when it's going on, but I know it serves a purpose and I nearly always feel better afterwards.

How many people spank you?

Have you ever gotten spanked with your butt in the air?
That's usually how it works. I haven't yet convinced Steve that my bottom should be pointed down and away from whatever implement he's holding.

Have you ever gotten spanked so hard your butt was purple?
Not all purple, but I have bruised. I don't worry too much about it as I bruise easily.

Do you think that spanking is a good punishment?
In general, yes, but there are some occasions when other punishments are more effective.

Do you believe spanking has made your relationship better or worse?
Definitely better. It's brought us closer and now we can handle things and move on, rather than dealing with them over and over again since they were never truly dealt with.

Is your butt red and sore afterwards?
That seems to be the point.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker?
Umm no.

Have you ever been spanked twice in one day?
Unfortunately yes. I even have one really bad day where I got spanked three times.

Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?
I usually don't have to ask, but I have before.

Would you talk about spousal spankings to your friends/family members?
I doubt they would understand.

Have you ever been caned?
Ugh! Yes and I hate the cane.

Do you cry?

Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon?
Yes. That was Steve's first implement and, for a long time, his favorite.

What do you get spanked for?
Breaking the rules. Most of the time it's disrespect in the form of attitude or disobedience because I procrastinated and didn't get something done that he asked me to do.

How many times, per month, do you get spanked on average?
It can vary widely between months. Some months, none at all. Other months, two or three times a week.

How many swats do you get for the average offense?
I never counted. I don't think Steve does either.

Do your friends know that you get spanked?
Only the ones here in Blogland.

On a 1-10 scale, how hard would you get spanked for something serious, such as speeding?
Probably a 10 because it would be something he would not want to have to repeat.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a belt?
Yes, but it's rare.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a paddle?
Yes and it sucks.

After your spanking is over, how long before you repeat the same offense?
It depends. If I'm being stubborn about something, it could very well be the same day. I generally try not to repeat stuff right away though as subsequent punishments tend to be worse.

Does your spouse enjoy spanking you?
Yes and no. Obviously he enjoys the playful ones, as do I. With role affirmation and milder spanking, he sometimes gets aroused by it. The harder spankings are rough on both of us because he doesn't like to see me in pain, but he knows that it's needed so we can both move on from whatever happened.

When is the last time you got spanked?
Over the weekend.

Have you ever spanked yourself?
Steve seems to keep up with it pretty well without any help from me.

What is the worst thing about being spanked?
Knowing that I disappointed him enough to be getting a spanking.

Does anyone other than your spouse/significant other spank you?

How long does the spanking last?
Until he decides it's over. It may be just a minute or it may be ten or more minutes. If I'm being stubborn, it can go on for quite a while.

Do you get spanked hard?
Depends on the reason for the spanking.

Do you like to be spanked?
If it's a playful spanking because those have more touching than actual spanking.

Would you describe yourself as a rule follower or a rule breaker?
I generally don't set out to break rules, although if I'm mad at him, I will sometimes do stuff to push his buttons. I'm not proud of it and it's something I'm working on. For the most part, though, I'm a rule follower. I don't like to disappoint Steve and I know the rules he has made for me are for the good of me, our relationship and our family.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Tactic

In the time since we implemented domestic discipline into our relationship, Steve has taken several tactics to deal with me when I get upset over something.

It's not a tactic he uses very often, but sometimes he just gives me a little space to work through my anger.

This approach is hit and miss. If it's a minor upset or I'm upset over something not related to him or our relationship, it will work. I spend a little time alone thinking and then I go talk to him about what's going on inside my head. If I'm really upset at him though, him giving me time alone to think (and build walls) is a very bad idea.

Sometimes he'll just talk to me. He may talk about what's going on that has me upset. He may talk about how my mood is affecting us. If I'm really pushing my luck, he may talk about how I'm going to end up bare bottom over his knee in the near future if things don't turn around.

As with space, this one can be hit and miss. If I'm in the right frame of mind to be open to what he's saying, a talk will usually do the trick. If I'm not, anything he says goes in one ear and out the other. On occasion, talking has backfired because he upset me even more with something he said.

Occasionally he'll spend some one on one time with me. He'll arrange for someone to watch our daughter so we can just be alone. We might stay home and just watch a movie. We might go out. We might see how far we can make it through the Kama Sutra before our time is up.

Since he only uses this tactic when I'm upset over not getting some alone time together, it always works. Once I get that one on one time, I'm over my mood and we can move forward.

It usually isn't his first line of attack against a mood, but if all else fails or I get really out of hand, he spanks. Sometimes a few swats is all that's needed. Sometimes more is necessary.

This one almost always does the trick. It's very rare that I come up from a spanking madder than I was before it. If I do, I usually end up going another round pretty quickly.

Between being in a funk and all the stress about a house lately, I haven't been myself for a few weeks. Steve tried several of his tactics, some more than once, but it just wasn't working. Then over the weekend, something happened that just put me over the limit and I was mad at nearly everyone. So he surprised me by trying something new.

After breakfast yesterday morning, he told me to go get my gun and meet him in the living room. I did and when I came back, he had the other guns and several boxes of ammo. We went outside to the truck where he loaded everything up..

Then we took off to the house of a friend that lives nearby but more out in the country than we are. Once we arrived, he set up targets, gave me a quick refresher (it had been a while since I shot anything) and then he let me go.

An hour and several shredded targets later, I had ran through every bit of ammo he had brought for my gun and part of the ammo he'd brought for the shotgun. And, to my surprise, I felt great. No stress. No ticked off at the world feeling. Just a blessed relaxed peace.

I doubt this tactic is anything you'd ever find on a website about domestic discipline, but it worked. And it had the added benefit of showing Steve that if, God forbid, someone is stupid enough to break into our house when I'm home alone, I can defend myself.

Once the stress was gone and I was calmer, we finally talked. We both agreed that a lot of the stress is coming from Steve's dad. While we understand that him cosigning means him accepting responsibility for our home loan if we can't make it on our own, he's using the offer to cosign as leverage to interfere in stuff that's none of his business. Stuff like where we choose to live, how many cars we have and whether or not I continue being a stay at home mom.

So even though it means putting our dreams of buying a house on hold for a bit, we've decided not to go that route. Instead we're going to do it ourselves, either by finding someone willing to owner-finance or by continuing to save and work on Steve's credit so we can qualify for a loan without any help. We still have two years left on our lease so it's not like we have to move right now anyway.

After our talk, the day got even better. Steve took me shopping to buy more ammo so we could go shooting again. When we got back home, he got a phone call from a friend about a car. We don't really need another car (we already have a car and two trucks), but this was an amazing once in a lifetime deal on a car I've always wanted.

Since he knew I didn't want to raid our house fund to get it, he asked if I would give him a chance to do some bargaining. I said okay and he left to see what he could work out. An hour later, I got a phone call saying the car was mine and it didn't cost us a dime. He managed to work out a trade on some other stuff. We are going to have to put a little bit of money into some minor repairs for it, but considering what the car is worth if we later decide to sell it, it's worth it.

It sounds bad, but I'm actually looking forward to telling my father-in-law that not only do we not want his help in getting a house, but we also got another car, a completely frivolous sports car at that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Still Alive

If you were wondering, I'm still alive. And we're still doing TTWD, although there hasn't been much going on in that area lately. I've been sick.

It all started with a headache and some sniffles. I didn't think much of it as Steve had had a cold the week before. Unfortunately, while he just got a run of the mill cold, I got something else. I've spent over a week in bed and am just now starting to feel better, although I'm still dealing with some lingering fatigue and coughing.

I have to admit to being surprised by Steve. Normally he's good for the first day or two of me being sick, but then he starts getting cranky because he's having to do both his stuff and the stuff I normally handle. This time he was awesome. He took over without complaining so I could rest. When I tried to get up to help, he sent me right back to bed.

He only got cranky once and he apologized almost immediately. When he apologized, he said something so sweet that it almost made me forget about how crappy I was feeling.

In other news, we got two phone calls this last week in reference to our house hunt. Both were good news. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but if everything goes okay, the next time I disappear, it will be because we're busy moving. Keep your fingers crossed for us.