Thursday, February 6, 2014

54 Things

Saw this meme over at This Whole Thing and thought it would be a good one to get back in the swing of things. In no particular order, here's 54 things that make me feel happy.

  1. A back massage from Steve.
  2. Curling up with a good book.
  3. Snuggling with our daughter.
  4. Breaking through one of my genealogy brick walls.
  5. Getting an awesome deal on something at a thrift store or yard sale.
  6. A candle-lit bubble bath
  7. Playing in the pool on a hot summer day.
  8. Trying a new recipe and having Steve and our daughter ask for seconds.
  9. Getting pampered when I'm sick
  10. Visiting the beach.
  11. Playing with the dogs.
  12. Getting surprised with flowers just because.
  13. Teaching our daughter how to do crafts.
  14. Going hiking as a family to see a waterfall.
  15. Picnicking in the mountains.
  16. Spending time with my sisters and their kids.
  17. Playing UNO.
  18. Doing a puzzle.
  19. Hearing Steve say he's proud of me.
  20. Dancing with Steve.
  21. Snuggling with Steve on a cold winter night.
  22. Teaching the dogs a new trick.
  23. Hitting the thrift stores and yard sales with our daughter.
  24. Dinner with friends.
  25. Seeing kids playing.
  26. Going sledding with Steve and our daughter.
  27. Combining coupons and sales to get groceries at less than half price.
  28. Making love with Steve.
  29. Seeing our daughter's smile.
  30. Singing along with my favorite song.
  31. A hug from our daughter.
  32. Winning a sweepstakes or giveaway.
  33. Having good friends that are always ready with a hug even if they don't have the answers.
  34. Learning something new.
  35. Cuddling a new puppy.
  36. Going mudding.
  37. The look on Steve's face when he sees my new lingerie.
  38. Hearing "I love you."
  39. Steve texting during the day to ask how my day is going.
  40. A new book.
  41. Finding money I didn't know I had.
  42. Good baby back ribs.
  43. Baking and decorating a cake for someone.
  44. When distant cousins share family photos that I don't have.
  45. A good night's sleep.
  46. Waking up in Steve's arms.
  47. The first time I felt my daughter kick.
  48. When Steve has an unexpected day off.
  49. Playing Frisbee with Steve and our daughter.
  50. The look on our daughter's face when she hears the ice cream truck coming.
  51. A phone call from one of my sisters.
  52. Helping another family that's struggling.
  53. A cold beer with friends on a hot summer day.
  54. Videos of funny animals.


  1. Hey Dana...another great list with lots of good stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Hi Dana ! :). Glad that I could inspire you to do this too!!! Enjoyed reading your list! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  3. Love this meme! I think I might have to try it out myself. Nice list!

  4. Thank you for sharing, loved the one where you like when Steve said he is proud of you. :) So sweet. :)

    {{{hugs}}} EsMay


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