Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doing the Happy Dance

I have big news. Two pieces of big news to be exact.

First up, after lots of research, discussion and prayer, I've decided to go back to school to get my degree. This won't be the first time I've attempted college. I went immediately following high school, but ended up dropping out due to family and financial issues. This time I'm determined to see it through.

Apparently my determination to get a degree sparked something in Steve because he's decided to join me in my return to school. Unlike me, he went to work straight out of high school so this is his first attempt at college. He's a little nervous about it because he's been out of school a lot longer than I have, but I've promised to help him. Who knows? Studying together might even be fun.

So we've spent the last couple months filling out paperwork, applying for financial aid, studying for and taking placement exams, meeting with our advisor (we got lucky and got the same one) to plan our curriculum and rearranging our schedules to make it all work. We start back this summer. Originally we both planned to stop once we got our Associate's degree, but after some thought and prayer, I've decided to keep going and get my Master's so I can be a counselor.

Now for the other big news, something that we've been hoping and praying for. After months of searching help wanted ads, putting in applications and going on job interviews, Steve got a call from one of the companies yesterday.

They want him to start this coming Monday!

He was a little disappointed to find that it isn't the shift he originally applied for. When he first interviewed, the position was a 12 hour rotating one. He'd work three days one week and four the next. We wouldn't see each other much on the days he worked, but he'd be off three to four days a week, which would be awesome.

Instead, they hired him on an 8 hour shift working 5 days a week. It isn't what we were hoping for, but I'm trying to get him to focus on the positives. An 8 hour shift is going to be easier on him than a 12 hour one. It means we'll still be able to spend time with him in the evenings instead of him coming home and going straight to bed. And he still gets two days off a week, which is more than he has with his current job, where he was lucky if he got one day off a week.

Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts sent our way.


  1. Fantastic news Dana, congratulations to Steve on the new job and to you both on the decision to go back to school. Wishing you both all the very best with the job and study.


  2. That is great news Dana!! I started back to school in January and I love it. It can be stressful (I actually got spanked for some stress relief this helped...a lot!) with kids and crazy schedules, but I'm so glad to be going. Best of luck to you!

    Congrats to Steve on the new job!


    1. Thanks P. I have a feeling I'll be asking for stress relief and maybe even some help with my procrastination habit along the way.

  3. Woohoo Congratulations, Dana and Steve! Doing my happy dance for Steve's new job and for both of you going back to school! I went back when my youngest started 1st's not easy but it can be done. Email me if there is anything I can do to help either one of you.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks Cat. I may take you up on your offer along the way..

  4. Congratulations for both the study and Steve's new job! Speaking from experience with the study, (I recently graduated with my second qualification while working as close to full time as humanly possible), it can get very tough but if you have a good support system (ie partner) then it can be done. And no letting procrastination get in the way. I have my own procrastination habit which gets in the way of almost everything but I never let it get in the way of my study over the past four years. And if it looked as though I was, M set me straight very quickly. Good luck and best wishes to the both of you.

    1. Thanks Kitten. I don't work outside the home so I won't have to try to juggle work with my studies, although Steve will. That's actually another perk of his new job. He'll have more time to focus on his studies because he'll only be working 40 hours a week instead of the 50+ hours he worked with the job he's leaving.

      Since we have about a month until classes start, Steve's working with me on setting up a schedule that will ensure I have enough time for my usual household duties, taking care of our daughter (who will be out for summer break shortly after my classes start) and my studies. And I have no doubt that he will step in if he sees that I'm procrastinating.


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