Friday, June 27, 2014

Fool Me Once

I've always liked this expression. I tend to think people are inherently good until they give me a reason to think otherwise. I'm more wary with them after that.

As you may recall from my last post, Steve snookered me into giving up the new rubber paddle that I had bought and then second-guessed giving him. Shame on him.

Yesterday I found myself feeling that paddle yet again. More on that in a minute. After the spanking was over and we had snuggled for a bit, Steve asked which paddle I hated more, the rubber or the wood.

He had already fooled me once this week. I wasn't going to get fooled again. I'm no dummy. I knew that this wasn't an innocent question. I knew that if I answered, he'd file that little tidbit of info away in his head and remember it the next time I found myself in hot water.

So I told him they both sucked.

He just laughed. I think he knew I knew what he was up to.

As for the spanking, I have to admit it surprised me a bit. Ever since we started this journey, Steve has been trying to break me of my habit of forgetting laundry. I either forget to transfer it from the washer to the dryer or I forget to fold it and put it away. For the most part, he's succeeded. I'm a lot better about it than I used to be.

Or at least I was until this week. Over the weekend, he had mentioned he was getting low on socks. Ever the dutiful wife (quit laughing!), I made it a point to start a load of his clothes that day. I even remembered to put them in the dryer and turn it on (sadly, I've forgot that part before too). But that's all I did.

A couple nights later, he went to get some socks and he was out. Normally this is a sure-fire way for me to get in trouble, but he was tired so he let it go since I jumped up and ran out to the laundry room to get him a pair.

The second night, I remembered the socks on my own and brought a pair in for him without him saying a word. But I still didn't bring in the rest of the laundry.

On the third night, I forgot. I realized it the next morning when I heard him grumbling about it while I was half-asleep. Apparently attempting to get dressed when your sock drawer only has two holey socks is not a good thing.

Even though I knew he wasn't happy about it, I wasn't really expecting to get in trouble. For the most part, I've managed to keep myself out of trouble these past couple months. But the few times I've slipped, he hasn't even called me on it. I guess he figured with spanking on the back burner right now, it would do much good to call me on it because we both know nothing is going to happen.

That evening, Steve gave me a quick swat while I was passing through and quietly said he should spank me over the socks. Even then, I still didn't think I was really in trouble. It wasn't until later when he said I was definitely getting spanked over it along with a few other things as soon as he had the time that I realized my predicament.

But I figured it would be a while before he had the time and privacy so I just said okay. Then I made it a point to go get the clothes right then so I could get them put away before it happened again.

Wouldn't you know the very next day he got the time and privacy he needed? His parents came and picked up our daughter so they could spend some time with her since they didn't get to see her all last week while she was out of town with my family. So I was alone in the house when Steve got home.

After taking care of a few household chores, he gave me a pointed look and said he was going to the bedroom. I followed. Paddles came out, socks and other things were mentioned, promises to be good were made.

In other news, our problem with finding time and privacy may soon be over. Steve told me last night that he was told that the department is shutting down in one more week, at which point he'll be transferred to another department that has more reasonable hours. I'm hoping and praying it's true.

Monday, June 23, 2014

I Got It...Good

I'm sitting here writing this on a sore bottom. And I'm smiling. The second time did the trick I think.

I did a lot of thinking about our last spanking, especially after reading everyone's comments. Steve and I have talked about it several times as well. I think those talks are what helped us make this second spanking a better one for both of us.

On Saturday afternoon, Steve announced that I had a spanking coming for sassiness. While he appreciates a little playful sassiness in fun, I had apparently crossed the line a few times. But the day got away from us and things came up so it had to be postponed. Normally I don't do well with postponed spankings, but since he was up front about the reasons and promised he wouldn't forget the next day, I was okay with it this time.

He made me wait all day Sunday. So of course it was on my mind the entire day, which probably contributed to the uncharacteristic nervousness that I experienced when he finally said it was time. While it's not unusual for me to be a little nervous going into a spanking, this was beyond that. I think a lot had to do with the fact our last spanking had "failed" in the sense that it didn't get me to that point I needed to be at and we had talked about it so I knew he was going to be more careful to get me there this time around.

As a result, I needed some reassurance from him before we began and thankfully he was willing to give it to me. But only for a little while. Once it became obvious that I was dragging my feet, he ordered me to strip and bend over the edge of the bed.

I don't know if it was the position (I'm usually over his lap or a pillow), my pain tolerance changing drastically in the few days since the last spanking or he was swinging with more emphasis, but I had trouble staying still from the start. That same leather paddle that didn't seem so bad the other day was a lot worse and the wood paddle was downright awful.

I could not stay still and I kept standing up and turning around with my hands on my bottom so he couldn't get me. That in itself was unusual. While I get squirmy at times, it's very rare that I interfere with a spanking to that extent. The first couple times it happened, he was patient and just told me to get back in position. After the fourth time, he'd had enough and ordered me all the way up on the bed where he had more control.

There's no need to relive the rest of the spanking. He made sure I couldn't squirm away. It hurt. And the important part, he got me to the point of giving in and letting go.

Afterwards we snuggled and talked for a bit. A little while later, I jokingly said he was a meanie and I should beat him with the other implement I bought when I was shopping. (Yes I was apparently completely out of my mind that day because I bought the leather paddle and another implement. He knew I had bought something else, but didn't know what it was. He said he would wait until I was ready to show it to him.) He rolled onto his stomach and told me to go ahead, but he didn't think I had the nerve to do it.

Why I took that statement as a challenge I had to rise to when my bottom was already on fire, I'll never know. But in the blink of an eye, I had retrieved the other implement (a rubber paddle) from its hiding spot and smacked his bottom with it. He let me get a few swats in before rolling over and holding out his hand. He snookered me.

I handed it over. He gave his hand a few test swats to get a feel for it (the ones I had gave him were pretty mild), realized how stingy it was and immediately decided he had to try it out. Let's just say I'm not a fan of rubber. It stings and since our particular one is fairly thick, it's thuddy too. And apparently it builds heat because my bottom felt like a furnace afterwards because it was giving off so much heat. That warmth lasted for a while too, which surprised me since the heat from other implements tends to wear off fairly fast.

So even though I'm sitting on a sore bottom and will probably still be feeling that soreness for another day or two, I'm happy. I feel much more connected and ready to face the world again.

I've updated my implements post if you want to see what the two new paddles look like. They're at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Got It...Kinda

As most of you know, DD has been on the back burner for a while due to lack of time and privacy. It was still there in the background, just not really being brought out to explore. So it was like a book gathering dust on the shelf until the day that someone dusts it off and continues the story.

Our daughter left Sunday evening to go stay out of town with family. I had a brief moment of panic earlier in the day when the family member that would be keeping her said she wasn't feeling well. Given our luck with alone time these past couple months, it seemed par for the course and I'll admit that I was ready to throw the towel in and give up on the idea of getting some time alone with Steve.

Thankfully, it turned out that she was just tired and hungry and after eating and relaxing for a bit, she felt well enough to take my daughter with her when she left. Even so, I didn't truly believe that we were going to get our time until a few hours later when she called to let me know they'd made it to her house.

Nothing happened that night though. I'll admit I was a bit frustrated. Admittedly we'd had a very long day and were both tired, but after waiting so long for some time and privacy, I didn't want to wait any longer.

That frustration carried over to the next day and led to me making a slightly cranky remark. It was borderline really, but Steve called me on it. I might have muttered a "yeah right" following his warning, but I did settle down after that.

A little while later, he made an X-rated suggestion, which I was happy to agree to. After all, DD isn't the only part of our relationship that's taken a backseat due to lack of time and privacy lately. I turned my head for just a second and when I looked back, he had the new leather paddle sitting on the bed beside him. I still haven't figured out how he can retrieve implements so fast. It's like magic.

Needless to say, I was surprised. He had gone from an X-rated suggestion to holding an implement in less than a minute. I tried to play it off by saying I thought he wanted to do something else. He gave me one of those smiles and said he still planned on that, but it would be after we handled some things. I felt those butterflies in my stomach that had been missing for a while.

I don't know if it's the particular leather paddle I bought or if I'm just very tolerant of leather, but it didn't seem to be that big of a deal. It stung some, more so in some spots than others, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be based on what I'd heard from other people. We did notice that it is loud so it's definitely an implement that will require privacy to be used.

Steve used it for a bit and then moved on to his other paddle, the wooden one that never fails to get my attention. I got a bit squirmy after that. He used it for a while and then rotated back to the leather paddle. He went back and forth for a few rounds, lecturing the entire time.

Then he said something about the cane. Now I don't like the wooden paddle, but the cane is the one implement I avoid at all costs. Even though I know it's not my decision and it's not a good idea to try to direct a spanking, I tried to talk him out of using it. As it turns out, I did manage to dodge that bullet because the cane had apparently moved around in the drawer and he couldn't find it. So I got the hanger instead, which stings, but isn't quite as bad as the cane.

After the hanger, I thought things were over. We snuggled up for a few minutes and then I felt that darned wooden paddle again. The last round was fairly short. After some more snuggling and aftercare, we finally got around to his earlier suggestion.

I have mixed feelings about the spanking. It's not the lecture because that was one of his better ones and it was spot on. Maybe it's because I never really got outside of my comfort zone with the spanking so I could truly give in to it. Don't get me wrong. It was getting uncomfortable towards the end, but it never reached that point where it really hurts and I realize that it's totally out of my control so I just accept it. If that makes sense?

I know Steve held back somewhat because it's been a while He told me that he did and also added that he ended the spanking when he did because he saw a blister starting, something that hasn't happened since the early days of DD.

Or maybe it's because I built it up so much in my head. For us, spanking isn't just for punishment or maintaining our roles. It's also our way of reconnecting. After going so long with the disconnect due to his schedule and knowing that his schedule is still going to be that way after this week is over, I needed something big. Something that not only reconnected us now, but kept me feeling reconnected even after we don't have this alone time.

I guess my frustration is obvious. It's not just about this particular spanking, but the whole situation in general. Steve took this job because he wanted more time to spend with us and more money to do stuff with that time. The money is there. In fact, he just got a $2/hour raise. But the time we were hoping to get really isn't and, while it's nice to actually have money in the bank after paying our bills, that money doesn't make up for the fact that we barely get time together

We should be kicking up our heels this week since our daughter is gone for the entire week. But he still has to work and we still have schoolwork. So while we now have the privacy we needed, we still don't really have the time. Especially since as of today they are doing mandatory 12 hour shifts which means he'll be working even later.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Has it Really Been 2 Years Already?

Time sure does fly. It seems like just yesterday that we were taking those first few hesitant steps along this journey. Today we're celebrating two years of being a DD couple.

When I look back on our journey, I'm amazed at how much we've grown in the past two years. The lessons we've learned along the way have worked to make our marriage stronger than it's ever been.

I stumbled onto the concept of DD by accident. I was following links from site to site and somehow found myself on a site about DD. Initially, the idea seemed a bit crazy to me. Yet something about it intrigued me so I found myself searching out more and more information. Eventually, it didn't seem like such a crazy idea to me. The question was whether it would seem like a crazy idea to Steve. The fear that he would think it was crazy is why it took me over a year to work up my nerve to talk to him about it.

As I look back today, I no longer see me coming across DD as an accident, but rather something that was destined. When you think about how many sites there are on the internet, what are the odds that I would come across a site about DD while following links. I'm reminded of a quote by Deepak Chopra: "There are no accidents...there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood."

In other news, I finally talked Steve into adding some leather to our collection of implements. He gave his okay for me to shop for something and I ended up getting a leather paddle from Cane-iac. I forgot how quick they ship. I ordered it on Friday and it was here Monday morning. I gave it to him that evening, but he hasn't got a chance to try it out yet because we haven't had the time or privacy. Is it bad that I smirk when I say that?

Also in other news, I hit my limit with the way things are right now. I tried so hard to keep it together through his crazy work schedule and the lack of alone time, but it finally got to me on Thursday. I blame Mother Nature's little gift of hormones for pushing me over the edge. Unfortunately, once I got started, I had trouble stopping so I've landed myself in a bit of hot water since then. I may be regretting that new purchase if we ever get some alone time.