Thursday, August 7, 2014

Almost there

It's amazing how fast this week has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was nervously awaiting the start of boot camp. Tomorrow, our daughter will return home and company will arrive. So after the morning spanking (and possibly the after-work one depending on when everyone gets here), that's it for boot camp.

I've decided that I need to quit answering the phone when I have chores to do. Tuesday, I only got part of my chores done because my friend called and then showed up. While Steve did address it, he gave me a little leeway on it since it was an unexpected situation.

Yesterday, my sister called upset. I spent a good chunk of the day talking to her and ending of having to rush to get one of the two chores I had finished before Steve got home. There just wasn't enough time for the other one. Since he's already gave me some leeway the day before, I wasn't really expecting to get that lucky again.

When it came time for the after-work spanking, he spanked with his hand for a while. While it got a bit stingy at some points, it was mainly tolerable. Then he stopped. After a few minutes, I asked if he was done because I wanted to go take my shower. Scrubbing floors (the one chore I did get done) is dirty, sweaty work and I was feeling pretty grungy.

I was expecting him to say yes so I was halfway to the bathroom door when he told me he wasn't done and to get the paddle. While I was digging for it in the drawer, he told me to bring the rubber paddle too. My feelings on the rubber paddle are similar to my feelings on the wood one. I hate it. It's thuddy and stingy. It also builds heat so I'm left with a warm bottom long after other implements tend to wear off.

The spanking was definitely on par with a punishment one. The chore that I hadn't gone done was one that had carried over from the day before and he was not happy that it still wasn't done. The fact that it's also something we have a rule about didn't help either. It didn't take long before I was promising to take care of that chore first thing in the morning before I did anything else.

Afterwards, we snuggled for a bit and then I went off to take a shower. While the water wasn't exactly kind to my sore bottom, I was grateful that I hadn't showered before the spanking like I almost did. There's something about getting spanked fresh out of the shower that always seems to make it hurt more, even if you're careful to dry off completely.

Then Steve took me out to dinner, making sure to open and shut all doors for me. It's a little thing, but I actually feel cherished when he takes the time to open a door for me. The fact that he's made an effort to do this simple little gesture for me all this week means a lot to me.

Later when it was time for the bedtime spanking, he first told me to strip down. Then he told me I could keep my pants. I have to admit I was surprised. He almost always spanks on bare bottom, but this wasn't the first time this week he had chose to spank over clothing. So I asked why.

Apparently he was concerned about how my bottom would take getting so many spankings in one week so he figured that if he let me keep my pants on for part of them, it would help me tolerate it better. While I knew that most of the spankings I've got this week were on the milder side, I hadn't realized why.

Once Steve said that, I realized that not once has he pushed me outside my comfort level. In fact, he's been very careful to stay well away from getting anywhere near the edge of my comfort level. So despite the fact that he was holding the rubber paddle in his hand (I guess now that he's remembered we have it, he wants to use it more) and I had the option to have a little protection, I stripped down.

It wasn't exactly mild, but I don't think mild is really possible with the rubber paddle. But it also wasn't punishment level so it was mostly tolerable, although I got a bit squirmy towards the end when he started focusing the swats on my sit spots. Those spots are tender with any implement.

Afterwards, we talked about a little bit of everything, including how we feel about the boot camp itself. I admitted to him that I had been a little nervous going into it. One, from reading others' experiences, it seems that not everyone agreed on whether it was beneficial or harmful.

Two, the intensity was a concern. That's a lot of spankings in one week and I wasn't sure whether it would be too intense for us. I think the fact that we designed our own instead of following a set schedule is what really helped us with that. While I have received a lot of spankings this week (more this week than I had in the last couple months in fact), he's been very careful not to push me too hard.

We both agree that so far, it has been a wonderful, beneficial experience for us. We've grown much closer, more connected as a result. Steve's got better with warmups and I've got better with holding position (something I've struggled with since the start of DD). We've done a lot of talking. It really has been great.

This morning's spanking wasn't as mild as most of the mornings have been. He went over the chores while spanking and I think he wanted it to serve as a warning of my bottom's fate this evening if I don't get that one chore done again.


  1. Wow this week did go by fast. And it was really nice that Steve was concerned about your bottom instead or just spanking. I hope that the rest of the day and evening are awesome. Have you not done that one chore because you are testing him? I know, bad question but just wondering

    1. It's funny because I hadn't even considered that he might be worried about the state of my bottom. tt was very sweet that he was.

      As far as testing, maybe. I didn't intentionally set out to test, but maybe on some level I needed the reassurance he was going to follow through.

  2. This week has gone by quickly Dana. You should be very proud of Steve and two are a shining example of what bringing DD into your marriage is all about...shaping it to fit your relationship, needs and personality! Hope you got that darn chore done!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Cat, you're making me blush. Thank you for such a lovely compliment. And I did get that chore done, which he was pleased about.

  3. I'm so glad it has been a positive experience for you both-it's great that you took lots of info & then came up with your own plan that worked for you rather than following someone else's plan to a T. How nice that Steve opened all the doors for you-I love it when Clark does that also ; )
    Scarlet ; )

    1. Thanks Scarlet. The door opening thing is such a little thing, but I love it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he always did it in the early days of our relationship, but it kind of drifted away for a few years until we started DD.

  4. Hi Dana, I'm so glad the week was a positive experience for you both and that it brought you closer. I think it was thoughtful and wise of Steve to take measures to minimise the impact of the number of spankings over the week. I think it's important for each couple yo adapt bootcamp to meet their own needs.


  5. Hi Dana, :) I'm glad to hear that boot camp turned out to be such a positive experience for you both. You two made it your own, and Steve sure seemed to tailor it to you as a couple, with care and love. Sounds like you both got some great growth out of the experience. Wonderful! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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