Saturday, March 28, 2015


I never saw it coming.

For the first time ever, Steve gave me a writing assignment as a punishment. Two pages on why I hadn't done a particular chore (for a few days). I guess he thought I must have an amazing excuse that would completely fill those two pages to explain why I hadn't done it.

But really I only needed two words.

I procrastinated.

I have a long history with procrastination. I even procrastinated while in the womb, not getting around to going through the whole birth process until nearly 3 weeks after I was due to arrive. My habit of procrastination is one of things that led me to propose we give DD a whirl. While DD has helped to some extent, I still have a long way to go.

When Steve got his lunch break, he called to check in on my progress on my assignment. I told him I had worked on it for a while, but it could really be summed up in just two words. He asked what they were so I told him. Then he said he still wanted two pages. Grrr

As you may recall, I'm a college student right now so I have some experience in stretching a paper to fit an imposed limit. But stretching two words to two pages took some real work. I ended up writing a general paper about my habit of procrastination and how we might go about fixing it.

So in honor of my procrastination paper, I'm throwing the topic out to you guys.

Who else has trouble with procrastination?

How have you dealt with it?

How has your HoH dealt with it?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Answers Round 2

Alice K asked:
What is your favorite outfit from your whole life so far?
If you could change the appearance of 1 thing in the world, what would it look like instead?

In my day to day life, I tend to focus more on comfort rather than style. I do have this one dress that I bought last summer that is one of my favorites to wear. It's brightly colored, which is unusual for me since I normally steer away from bold colors or patterns, but something about it makes my skin glow. I also love the way it's cut, tight at the bodice and then flowing underneath.

My very favorite outfit would be one that I've worn only for Steve. It's a floor length peekaboo gown. Well technically it's ankle length, but I'm short so it's floor length on me. It has strategically placed stripes that hide the important parts, but shows enough skin to be interesting. I bought it for our honeymoon almost ten years ago.

I will never forget the first time I wore it. We had rented a cabin for the weekend and I slipped into the bedroom to change while he was starting a fire. When he turned around and saw me in it, his jaw dropped. It's one of the few times I've ever saw him speechless. Nearly a decade later, it's still working.

As for what I would change the appearance of if I could, that's a tough one. After some thought, I guess it would have to be the mushroom. I'm not sure how I would make it look, but at least it wouldn't look like a cock.

We still have two weeks left of Q&A Month so keep those questions coming.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Clean Slates and Options

As part of our getting back on track efforts, we did a clean slate spanking the other day. Since it had been a while since I had a really good spanking, Steve took it easy on me at first, even letting me keep my pants for half of it. However, I had miscalculated how upset he was over me hiding the implements instead of talking to him about how I was feeling. As a result, he decided to use every single one of them.


One round with the pants. The second round bare.

Needless to say, it was one of those spankings that lingered. The spanking was in the afternoon before he left for work, but my buns were still putting off heat when I went to bed that night. And there were definitely some sore spots the next day.

Given that I was still feeling the effects of that spanking, I tried to be especially careful at getting all my chores done. As soon as he got home, he asked if I'd been good. I quickly ran through the list in my head and said I had.

All was good until we snuggled up in bed and he asked how many loads of laundry I'd done.

Our washing machine broke recently. When it did, it flooded the laundry room, soaking several baskets of clean laundry in the process. I was already behind on laundry. It was a week before the part for my washer came in so I am extremely behind now. The day Steve fixed the washer, he told me I was to do at least two loads a day until we were caught up again. I had done all the other chores on my list, but had forgot about the laundry. As you can imagine, he wasn't pleased.

I was curious about how he would choose to handle it. In our new and improved version of DD, he had three options-(A) spank right then, (B) give another punishment instead or (C) use another punishment for now but include the offense in our weekly settle up meeting. Since I was still sore from our clean slate, I was really hoping he'd choose B or C.

He chose A and, since our daughter was home (although asleep), he chose to use quiet implements. While I'm not a fan of any of our implements, I especially despise the quiet ones because they are stingy.

There are more sore spots now. I don't think I'll be forgetting the laundry anytime soon.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Answers Round 1

Christina asked

If money or time weren't an obstacle and you had access to a private jet, where would you choose to travel to? Would you consider yourselves and your relationship kinky or more to the vanilla (with the obvious hand to bottom activity precluded)?

Since Steve and I rarely get time alone, I'd go for a deserted island where we're the only people around. Aside from that, I'd like to go to Europe and also the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

We tend to be slightly more to the kinky side. We started dabbling in a little BDSM early in our relationship. Of course the amount of kink we get into depends on the time and privacy we have. Recently it's been more on the vanilla side.

Cat asked:

What four people (and their spouse/partner), living or dead, would you invite for an evening of drinks and dinner?

Angelina Jolie-This ones a twofer. Not only would I get to talk to
someone I admire, but I'd also get to enjoy some eye candy with her hubby Brad Pitt.

My grandparents-They've been gone a few years now, but I miss them dearly.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow-She was a famous Confederate spy during the Civil War and I've always been fascinated by her.

Kenny Chesney-I love his music and he's easy on the eyes.

sub hub in phx asked:

Who, other than your husband, knows intimate (partial or full) details for your marriage? and do you have any desire to be more revealed? Maybe not in your family and social circles, but maybe among a group of like minded people?

Most family and close friends know that we have a more traditional type of marriage, although we don't share the nuts and bolts of how it works. Given that most people we know probably would not really understand, I'm not interested in revealing any more than what they already know (which is very little).

We have discussed the possibility of meeting other couples with similar marriages. In fact, there are two or three couples that live somewhat near us (within a 1-2 hour drive). I'd also love to meet and hang out with some of the awesome people I've met here in Blogland.

Blondie asked:

What fantasy, that you and Steve share, do you think will happen and which one won't?

This was a tough one because we've already explored most of the fantasies we have to date. One fantasy we both have is a threesome. While we're both turned on by the idea, it's going to stay in the realm of fantasy since neither us truly want to invite another person into our bed.

Our other unexplored fantasy is pretty out there so it's unlikely to happen, although if the opportunity arose, we might go for it. We've fantasized about cloning each other. Sex with Steve is amazing so two of him would probably be out of this world. Of course, there's also the side benefit of being able to send his clone to work and my clone to do the housework, leaving us free to enjoy time together.

Roz asked:

What did you first notice about Steve?
Is there any implement you haven't tried and would like to?

There were actually two things that I noticed about Steve. One, that he has a sense of humor. It can be goofy at times, but he's made me laugh many times over the years. Two, that he's young at heart.  He's older than me by more than a few years, but I've always had an old soul. He serves as a counterbalance for me, dragging me out and making me enjoy life.

Offhand, the things we haven't yet tried are the loopy johnny, floggers or anything Lexan. While I'm a little curious about the floggers, I'm not at all interested in trying out any of the other items.

Jan asked:

Is there one spankable offense that you can't seem to help repeating?
Is there anyone in your real life that knows about your DD life?

Pushing buttons comes to mind. While I know it's not productive and is going to get me spanked, I still find myself falling into that trap. Laundry also gets me spanked a lot. It's not that I deliberately set out to not do it (unless I'm pushing buttons of course), but I have a tendency to forget about it, usually about halfway through the process so I end up rewashing a lot.

Nobody in our real life knows about the DD side of our marriage. Most do know that we have a more traditional type of marriage, but we don't share the details because it's unlikely they would understand.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bring on the Questions

March is Q&A Month here in our community. So if you have any questions you've just been waiting for the opportunity to ask, this is your chance. Ask your questions in the comments and we'll answer them here on the blog in another post.

And just because I'm a bit of a rebel (just ask Steve), I'm throwing out a question for you.

For those of you in a DD/TTWD/BDSM/whatever you label your relationship, what is your favorite moment to date?

For those who haven't made the leap yet, what draws you to this type of relationship?