Saturday, March 14, 2015

Answers Round 2

Alice K asked:
What is your favorite outfit from your whole life so far?
If you could change the appearance of 1 thing in the world, what would it look like instead?

In my day to day life, I tend to focus more on comfort rather than style. I do have this one dress that I bought last summer that is one of my favorites to wear. It's brightly colored, which is unusual for me since I normally steer away from bold colors or patterns, but something about it makes my skin glow. I also love the way it's cut, tight at the bodice and then flowing underneath.

My very favorite outfit would be one that I've worn only for Steve. It's a floor length peekaboo gown. Well technically it's ankle length, but I'm short so it's floor length on me. It has strategically placed stripes that hide the important parts, but shows enough skin to be interesting. I bought it for our honeymoon almost ten years ago.

I will never forget the first time I wore it. We had rented a cabin for the weekend and I slipped into the bedroom to change while he was starting a fire. When he turned around and saw me in it, his jaw dropped. It's one of the few times I've ever saw him speechless. Nearly a decade later, it's still working.

As for what I would change the appearance of if I could, that's a tough one. After some thought, I guess it would have to be the mushroom. I'm not sure how I would make it look, but at least it wouldn't look like a cock.

We still have two weeks left of Q&A Month so keep those questions coming.


  1. Hi Dana, enjoyed reading your answers. The gown sounds beautiful, and it's great it still works :) LoL on the mushroom love the pic!


  2. Loved your answers Dana and wow...that gown is absolutely gorgeous!

    Hugs and blessings...

  3. Love the mushroom comment. Never quite thought of them that way, but in the future I will always be thinking of your comment

  4. Thanks for answering Dana. The dress sounds amazing, kuddos to you for the great find.
    The mushroom, totally explains why I love them so very much. Bwahahaha

  5. Lol love the mushroom thing, and the dress sounds great!

    I'm just catching up in blog land, so I'm sorry if this has been asked already - but is there anything you thought you'd never try, but then tried it? (Can be vanilla, kink, or both.)

  6. I'll tell you what I tell every woman I've dated, or just discussed sexy clothing. DON'T buy clothing you think is sexy. Forget Victoria Secrets, forget La Perla.

    Here is sexy: WEAR. MY. SHIRT! And a sexy pair of panties or a thong. Nothing else. Simple as that. I'll leave it to you which and how many buttons you leave unbuttoned, but that's all you have to do; other than be near me. Every guy loves this. Trust me.


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