Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quick Update

Things have been hectic lately so I haven't had much time to write or visit, although I have tried to at least read a few blogs here and there as time has allowed. If you missed my last post, we are now homeowners. Yay!

Our move to the new house was delayed because of a crappy electrician. He was supposed to be finished up before we closed, but didn't get done until over a week after closing (and we actually closed a week later than the original date because of scheduling conflicts). Since we didn't have power until he got done, we were pretty much at a stand still.

We spent the last week refinishing the floors (a lot of work but they're gorgeous), painting and getting the yard ready for all the critters. We still have a couple rooms to paint and will hopefully be able to start moving in furniture at the beginning of the week. Our goal was to be fully moved in before the end of the month so we could avoid paying another month in rent here, but I don't know if it's going to happen.

That stupid electrician really screwed us. He had offered a partial refund for the delay, but when the check arrived, it was a slap in the face. To add insult to injury, we've found a couple things that he was supposed to fix and didn't. Rather than have to deal with him any more, we're just going to fix it ourselves, but we are filing a complaint against him with the state electrician's board.

In other news, my sister and her kids are now living with us. She's left her husband. Steve took a break from working on the new house and went to get all their stuff. She had planned to find a job right away, but since I'll be watching her kids so she can work, we asked her to hold off until we got moved so I'm not trying to juggle moving and watching three kids, one of which is still in diapers.

By mutual consent. DD has been put on the back burner for now. We just don't have time for anything right now, not to mention we're now working around more kids and another adult. I have made some progress on respect, though.

The other day, my father-in-law got in my face and was pretty hateful. Steve tried to intervene, but wasn't successful at getting him to back off. Even though I was pretty sure he wasn't going to interfere if I lost my temper, I stopped myself. While it would have felt great to let my father-in-law have it, I knew Steve would have to deal with the backlash from it. The last time I had words with my father-in-law, he griped at Steve about it for months. So out of respect for Steve, I just walked away without saying a single word.

Of all the work I've done on respect since we started, I think this was the hardest. Even if I had lost my temper, I pretty sure that Steve wouldn't have faulted me for it. He was even ticked off about the whole situation.


  1. Wow and Steve do have a lot on your plates don't you. So excited for you...once you are loved in to the new house...even if you are not fully unpacked, you will feel wonderful. Sorry your sister has to go through the stress of leaving her husband but am sure you and Steve will be rocks for her.

    Sheesh...what is it with Steve's father?! Maybe you two need to cut ties with him until he can be respectful and civil.

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It seems like we always have our hands full Cat. I don't know what I'd do if I actually had a day where all I had to do was sit and relax. My sister has actually been a huge help for us because she's been watching our daughter and taking over my household chores so I can be at the new house with Steve getting it ready. The only thing I've had to do was cook.

      I've given up on trying to figure my father-in-law out. It's been obvious (to me at least) that he hasn't liked me from day one. But I know Steve's in a hard spot between me and his parents and I prefer not to make it worse on him by forcing him to take sides. He did go on his own to talk to his dad, though, and let him know that anything that was going on had been discussed between us already so we didn't need his input.

  2. Hi Dana, wow, you have been dealing with a lot! So excited for you with the new house. It will be awesome once you are moved in. I'm sorry about the delays and issues with the electrician though. That sucks.

    Good on you for how you handled Steve's Dad. I have to agree with Cat.

    Sending positive thoughts and best wishes to you both. Also to your sister as she goes through this difficult time.


    1. Thanks Roz. We are over the moon to finally be homeowners. We had worked our butts off for years to get to this point. Hopefully once we actually get moved, things will settle down a little for us.

  3. Once you're in your new home that list of things to fix will be never ending. Welcome to home ownership. Lots of luck in moving and getting settled. Hope everything works out well for your sister.
    Happy Father's Day Steve

    1. We're already finding that out Leigh. The inspection already turned up some minor repairs we need to do and we've been adding to the list as we find other issues.


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