Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pregnancy Update

Things are going well. We're nearly to the second trimester, which I'm looking forward to as that's when everyone says the morning sickness and fatigue will ease up. I've been pretty lucky with the morning sickness. Aside from getting sick two days, it's mainly been just queasiness. After having morning sickness from hell with our daughter, it's been a relief, but I'll still be glad when my stomach settles down.

The fatigue has me spending a lot of time in bed. I'm sleeping 10-12 hours a night and taking one or two naps during the day.Of course, that means I don't get a whole lot done these days. Thankfully, Steve and our daughter have stepped up to help. They've been doing a lot of the household chores, sometimes even fending for themselves with dinner, so I can rest.

The dreaded long-overdue spanking happened about a week ago. After some discussion, it was carried out with me on my side, a position neither of us really cared for. It was a lot easier than I expected and strangely reminiscent of the very first spanking he gave me after starting DD. He only used his hand. While I understand why he held back so much, it was still frustrating after having to wait several days for it.

We tried again yesterday. No, I didn't get in trouble again already (well at least not then, later in the day is another story), but I could feel the hormones starting to get the better of me so I asked for a spanking to help. We decided to try bent over the edge of the bed this time. I was a little worried about the position since I prefer ones where we're in contact, but I guess he picked up on that because he made it a point to wrap his non-spanking arm around my hip. He chose to use implements so it was a little more intense than the last spanking, but it wasn't unbearable. We talked afterwards and decided to put weekly maintenance back on the schedule so I don't have to keep asking when the hormones are getting the better of me.

We had our first prenatal. Since my cycles are so irregular, the doctor did an ultrasound to try to get an accurate due date. Unfortunately, the baby was less than cooperative and ran away whenever the doctor put the transducer on me so we only got a quick glimpse. The doctor offered to do a transvaginal ultrasound to try to get a clearer picture, but having had two in the past, I wasn't in any hurry to repeat the experience so I told the doctor I'd just wait until our next appointment to see if the baby would be more cooperative.

After waiting so long to be pregnant again, there were some things I'd forgotten about being pregnant. One being the wild dreams that seem to come with pregnancy. I've always made it a point to try to interpret my dreams, even when I'm not pregnant, but some of the ones I've had lately defy interpretation.

The second is the sex. I had remembered that my sex drive increased while pregnant, but I had forgot about being extra sensitive to touch, how easy it was to reach orgasm and how intense the orgasms are. The other night we were playing around and Steve nearly brought me to orgasm by touching only my nipples. When he moved on to other spots, he jokingly asked how many orgasms I wanted and I told him 10. I was kidding when I said it, but by the time we were done, I'm pretty sure I hit that 10 or at least got dang close to it.

We finally have our house back to ourselves, which is a good thing since we're going to need more space with the baby. As most of you know, my sister and her kids moved in with us last summer. The situation turned into a disaster. Steve was already talking about kicking her out when she unexpectedly announced she was going back to her husband. Within a week of leaving, she realized it was a mistake, but rather than come back, she moved in with our parents. She finally came and got the last of her stuff this past week, which means we can now start rearranging to make room for the baby.

I'm looking forward to setting up a nursery. We couldn't really do it with our daughter because of the way the bedrooms were laid out in the house we were renting at the time. I didn't like the idea of her being on the opposite end of the house from us so we just squeezed her crib into our bedroom. With our new house, all the bedrooms are together so we'll be setting up the bedroom across from us (currently my home office/sewing room) as the nursery.


  1. Thanks for checking in and giving us an update, Dana! So very happy that everything seems to be going well and congrats on your sister moving out...I know that was a very stressful situation. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. sounds like things are going great Dana. Hope the morning sickness/fatigue settles soon.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Hi Dana, :) Things sound like they are going along really well- in spite of some of the common little annoyances that pregnancy can bring. You have even added careful spanky business back into the mix! Sweet! Enjoy!

    I too am glad to hear that your sister has moved out now. It was kind of you to take her in. It sounded really hard on everyone though. And it is really cool that you can now make a nursery too! Such a wonderful time! Happy for you all! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


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