Thursday, April 28, 2016

Well That Was a Bummer

We went for our appointment last week. Unfortunately, we didn't get to find out whether we're expecting a boy or a girl. The doctor said he couldn't get a clear view. With that said, Steve insists he caught a glimpse of boy parts. So now we have to wait again to find out.

The rest of the appointment wasn't much better. Even though the heart doctor gave me the all clear, he acted like he was doing me a favor by keeping me on. Then he proceeded to reel off a list of things that would risk me out of the practice, most of which were minor issues that are experienced by most pregnant women (for example feet swelling) and not really a cause for concern.

The appointment did little to relieve my misgivings about this doctor. In fact, it bugged me enough that I immediately started looking for someone else. Unfortunately, the two homebirth CNMs that I know of in the area, including the one we've met and really liked, both work under his supervision (a requirement of state law for CNMs) although they have their own practices. So it makes it somewhat awkward if we switch to one of them.

That left us with 3 CPMs. I've got calls into all three. So far two have called me back. From our brief phone conversations, I liked both so I've set up appointments for us to meet both of them in person next week so we can decide who we want to go with.

Our insurance doesn't cover CPMs, which Steve was a bit concerned about since it means we'll be paying completely out of pocket with no chance of reimbursement. However, once I ran the numbers, I figured out that between our deductible and him being out of network, we're going to end up paying all but maybe $1000 of his bill anyway. Since both of the midwives charge less than him to begin with and one is even willing to barter for part of her fee, we'll actually end up paying less even without the insurance.

In other news, I've been feeling the baby move the last few weeks. Last week he even gave me a good kick. He tends to be more active in the evenings. Steve's new favorite thing to do in the evening is sit with his hand on my belly to see if he can feel movement. He says he felt a small kick the other night. Our daughter is jealous because she's normally asleep when the baby gets active so she hasn't had a chance to see if she could feel any movement yet. I told her not to worry because I distinctly remember being pregnant with her and actually watching my stomach move as she kicked and elbowed.

It's kinda bittersweet knowing that this will be probably be my last pregnancy. Steve is adamant that he doesn't want any more kids after this one and wants to get a vasectomy. He knows I'm against getting my tubes tied and, given our age difference, he doesn't want to take the option of having more kids away from me if something happens to him. I did at least talk him into holding off on having it done until the baby is a year old to be absolutely sure that's what he wants. I'll admit I'm hoping to change his mind in the meantime, but if I can't, I promised that I wouldn't give him a hard time about it and I'd even take him to the appointment myself.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Boy or Girl?

I had my echocardiogram earlier this week. I wasn't too worried about it since the doctor told me when he scheduled it that he was just doing it to be on the safe side and didn't anticipate it showing any problems. It was still a relief when the nurse called yesterday to tell me that everything looked fine. Hopefully now that the heart doctor has given me the all clear, the baby doctor will settle down.

A few days before I went in for the echocardiogram, the baby doctor called to set up an appointment. I was a bit surprised since we haven't heard a peep out of him since our last appointment and we were beginning to think he'd dropped us. As luck would have it, right after I scheduled the appointment, Steve found out his work schedule was changing yet again and he would be working the day of the appointment. Thankfully, his supervisor is a great guy and after Steve explained the situation, he worked it out for him to leave for a couple hours in the middle of his shift.

Our appointment is scheduled for this afternoon. We're really excited about this one because we will hopefully be learning whether we're expecting a boy or a girl. Steve is insisting it's a boy and our daughter is insisting it's a girl.

I'll be happy either way, but I have to admit I'm kind of hoping for a boy. For starters, we can't agree on a name for a girl, but have one picked out for a boy. I know Steve really wants a boy to carry on the family name. There's also the fact that there are no boys on my side of the family. I only have sisters and all us of have girls. It would nice to have the first boy. Plus those little suit and tie outfits are so darn cute.

I can't wait to start shopping. While I've browsed the baby section at several stores, I've been holding off on buying anything until we find out the baby's gender. In the meantime, I've been working here and there on getting the house rearranged so I can set up the nursery. It's slow going since Steve refuses to let me do anything remotely strenuous so I have to work around his schedule.