Saturday, May 7, 2016

Good News

I took my car in for its checkup and it got a clean bill of health. The mechanic put it up on the lift and didn't see anything out of place, loose or damaged. Then we went for a ride so he could see how it handled on the road and I could point out the noise I was hearing. He diagnosed the problem as my spare tire cover. Apparently it took some of the impact, which pushed it in enough that it's vibrating against the bumper. So it's an easy fix. The cover needed to be replaced anyway because the zipper on it was starting to split so we'll just take it off until we can get a new one.

In other good news, I'm pretty sure we've found our midwife. She was out of town when I called the other day, but called me today as promised. We ended up talking for nearly an hour on the phone and she sounds perfect. She's fully on board for what we want. She has had clients transfer to her from our current doctor so there should be no issues. She has an agreement with several local doctors (including our current one) so we can have labs and ultrasounds done if needed. She also has a relationship with the hospital in a nearby town so if a transfer is necessary (her transfer rate is incredibly low), she'll be able to stay with us as a support person.

She only takes on one client a month so we don't have to worry about her being with another client when I go into labor. She was even willing to negotiate her fee. Once she learned we're a single-income family, she immediately offered to drop her fee by whatever we've already paid to the current doctor (nearly $1000) and said she'd work with us on the rest. Since her fee includes another midwife that assists her, we'll be getting two for the price of one.

She sending us an information packet that details both her and her assistant's training, some information on her practice and a list of previous clients I can talk to. She said to give her a call once we had had a chance to review it and we'd set up an appointment to meet in person. If I like her as much in person as I did on the phone and Steve is comfortable with her, we're hiring her.

I think the baby was happy everything is working out good because he was very active last night, more active than he's been so far. Since it's the weekend, we let our daughter stay up a little later. She was laying in bed with us watching TV when the baby started moving a lot so I took her hand and put it on my stomach so she could feel. I wish I had thought to grab the camera first because the look on her face when she felt a kick was incredible. It's a memory I'll cherish forever.


  1. Oh Dana, can you see me smile?:) I'm so happy to read this. So glad there was no major damage to the car and even better news that about the midwife, she sounds wonderful and a good fit. Sending positive thoughts that all goes well when you meet her in person.


    1. Thanks Roz. It is a relief knowing that things are starting to work out for us.

  2. Hi Dana, I am so glad you have found a midwife, I was getting ready to put dil on the plane! We don't have any of your issues over here. It makes me appreciate the National Health service. All our health care is free, we are so lucky. Good news about the car too
    love Jan, xx

  3. Aww that's so sweet Jan. If we hadn't found someone, I might have considered jumping on a plane headed your way myself. The healthcare system here in the US in terrible, especially when it comes to maternity care. Doctors and hospitals are quick to push interventions, whether they're actually needed or not, and more often than not, those interventions lead to more. It's no wonder the c-section rate is sky high in the US. My daughter was born via c-section as a direct result of an unnecessary intervention. I was pressured into an epidural (after I had been drugged without my consent) and it bottomed out my blood pressure and her heart rate.

  4. What a great find. She sure sounds like she is good. I have always had intense deliveries so I always enjoyed my drugs and being in the hospital.


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