Friday, September 16, 2016

Baby Update and Other News

My due date has now come and gone and we're still waiting on baby. I'm not too worried because I suspect the date was wrong anyway. Due dates are based on a typical 28 day cycle and I have irregular cycles. My midwife agrees and said as long as me and baby are doing okay, she's not worried about the date.

I didn't realize exactly how lucky I was to get her until my appointment today when she mentioned I'm her last client before retiring. Actually, she had already made the decision to retire just before I contacted her, but after we talked, she decided to take me on anyway. I'll forever be grateful to her for that because after interviewing most of the homebirth providers in the area, we were running out of options.

I've been in prodomal labor for two weeks now. It's a new experience since I didn't have it with my daughter. The first week, it wasn't too bad. I'd have mild, irregular contractions for a few hours that stopped on their own. Occasionally, I'd have a second round later in the day, but everything always stopped before bed so I could sleep.

This week, though, they seem to be picking up steam. They're still irregular, but are starting to hurt more, and are lasting longer before going away. The other night, I was up and down all night with contractions, but they stopped around 7 in the morning.

The baby continues to move lower, although he/she hasn't engaged yet. The midwife said the baby is in "launch position" but may not engage until actual labor begins. With all the pressure, I'm definitely waddling these days. Steve was kind enough not to point it out. Our daughter, on the other hand, has joked that our ducks are going to start following me around, thinking I'm the momma duck. I told her I'd be sure to remember that comment in the future when she starts having her own kids.

I still haven't had a baby shower, which is a bit of sore point for me. As I mentioned before, a friend had volunteered to throw me one a while back and then bailed on it. I ended up giving in to my daughter, who wanted to throw me one, only to end up canceling it after we realized that we were probably only going to have two people there.

Maybe I'm just being hormonal, but it irritates me. Over the years, I've spent a lot of time helping out friends and family when they've had kids (actually whenever someone has needed a hand). It didn't matter if it was the first kid or their fifth. I've planned showers, did custom baby bump cakes, babysat older siblings, stocked their freezer with postpartum meals and even cleaned their houses. I didn't think it was asking too much for people to come to a little party to celebrate, especially since I made it clear that gifts were not expected.

In other news, Steve lost his job. We had heard rumors that the company frowns on taking leave for medical or family issues, but since they were only rumors, we didn't think much about it. Last month, Steve filled out the paperwork for FMLA leave so he could take off two weeks to be with me once the baby comes. They had to have a date to process the request so they used my due date, telling us to call if needed to adjust the date. The request was approved without a hitch and we thought everything was fine.

Then a week before my due date, Steve was called in to the office and told he was being wrote up for a laundry list of screw ups. Strangely enough, all of the screw ups were on machines he has nothing to do with or had occurred when he wasn't even there. They suspended him for a few days and when his suspension was over, he went in, only to be told he was fired for performance issues.

Obviously, the timing sucks. With the baby due to arrive any day now, Steve is trying to hold off on finding another job right away so he can be here for the birth and at least a few days afterwards. In the meantime, he's been doing some side jobs to make a little money. Thankfully, we live in a state that requires any accrued vacation time be paid when an employee leaves, regardless of why they leave. Since Steve rarely took time off, he's owed close to 100 hours. It will be enough to float us for a little while until he can find something else.


  1. Happy to hear your pregnancy is doing well, Dana...hope you deliver soon. How rude of your 'friends' not to give you a shower...hope you aren't planning on doing anything for them in the future. Your daughter's remark about the ducks is too cute...definitely use that line on her when she has children! LOL

    Sorry Steve lost his job...he could apply for unemployment and when the company challenges it for cause, he can answer their charges...may work/may not but worth a shot.

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Good to hear your pregnancy is going well Dana. So rude of your friends not throwing a baby shower when you step up to help them. Seem typical of people like that. Make sure you don't help them in future.
    Not good timing with Steve losing his job. Can't you have them up for unfair dismissal.
    Hope your labor starts soon and Steve finds a job.
    Sending positive vibes for a speedy delivery.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Hi Dana, glad to hear the pregnancy is going well, you daughter's comment about the ducks made me giggle. Wishing you all the best with the delivery. Sorry to hear about the baby shower, I agree, that is rude.

    So sorry to hear about Steve's job. Hope he finds another soon.



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