Friday, July 20, 2018

Soooo...Boot Camp

So our boot camp was a bust. We had high hopes for reconnecting and getting back on track this week, but ultimately Steve's job sunk us.

We knew he was due to be on call this week, but figured we could work around it. After all, we have to work around that in our normal day to day. But instead of a couple calls all week, he ended up getting 1-2 every single night. It woudn't have been so bad if they'd been close, but it seemed like every single one was at least an hour away so he was gone several hours every time. He's gone on one now in fact.

If that wasn't bad enough, the other tech was out most of the week. He called in one day because he was in the emergency room with his wife, came back to work the next day and then took the rest of the week off because she was having surgery. So Steve has been run ragged trying to do the work of two people this week, which meant going in early and staying late every day.

We've barely saw each other all week. When Steve has been home, he's been exhausted. Needless to say, that put a serious crimp in things. It didn't take long before we threw in the towel on boot camp.

But we did make an effort to take advantage of what little time we did have. We ate dinner together every night, no matter what time he finally made it home. He'd call during the day between jobs and we'd talk for a few minutes. We tested out one of our new toys (a wireless remote control vibe-good concept but it needed some improvements). We even managed a quick Tetris battle (I kicked his butt).

So it wasn't quite the week we'd planned. But that's life I guess.


  1. Sorry boot camp didn't work out Dana, but glad you were able to make time for each other to connect during a hectic week.


  2. I'm sorry too, that your boot camp didn't work out. Have you been able to do much together since then? We're getting back into DD too, after a long time without, then a short stint that didn't stick, and now trying again. Finding it hard at times, but worth it.
    Hugs, EsMay


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