Saturday, May 11, 2019

I Jinxed Myself

I should have known better. In the past, every single time I've mentioned how well I was doing with staying out of trouble, I've end up spanked in a matter of days. I don't know why it happens. Maybe I get a little overconfident and cocky, which leads me to dance a little too close to the line. Maybe Steve recognizes that it's bound to come to an end at any time so he pays closer attention. Maybe his hands just get itchy.

Whatever the reason, it never fails. If I say I'm doing great at staying out of trouble, I'm going to end up spanked. This time was no different. I jinxed myself.

It was my own fault really. My rebellious side had come out earlier this week. I'd managed to rein it in before I got in hot water, but Steve had definitely noticed. He'd chosen to offer me a little grace because I settled down on my own and apologized.

But he was on high alert. So when he mentioned a chore he wanted me to do, he was paying close attention to see whether or not it got done.

And I blew it. I had my mind on something else and the chore completely slipped my mind.

Steve didn't call me on it right away though. He'd had a rough day at work and was not only exhausted but also sore all over. After dinner, I sent him off to shower and unwind, promising to come in later and give him a massage.

I gave him some time then joined him in the bedroom. He was watching a movie so I curled up beside him until he was ready for his massage. I think I was a little too successful with the massage because as soon as I was done, he was revived enough to reach over and open the bottom drawer of his night stand.

I immediately knew something was up. That drawer has only one purpose. Aside from the cane and his belt, all of our implements are stored there. Sure enough, a moment he was holding the wooden turner and asking if there was something I was supposed to have done today.

It took me a minute, but then it dawned on me. Crap! I'd forgotten all about it. To make things worse, as part of my mini-rebellion earlier this week, I'd pushed a few buttons. I knew what he had to be thinking-that I had continued pushing buttons by not doing that chore.

I swore up and down that that wasn't the case even as I slid into position. I'll spare you the details of what happened next. Let's just say it was ouchy and there was a stern lecture involved. It may have been a while since a spanking was necessary, but he hasn't forgotten how to go about it. Thankfully he tempered it a little since it had been a while.

And here's the irony of the whole situation. DD has been pretty mellow since we picked it back up again, but I've found myself missing some of the structure we had in our early days, particularly when it comes to the house since housekeeping is not my strong suit. I wanted to be careful about how I approached the topic, though, because there have been times in the past where I've inadvertently came across like I was judging his HoH skills or trying to dictate how things should be. That's what my mind was on instead of the chore he'd asked me to do.

Steve had already recognized that I needed that structure and had been trying to give it to me by assigning a few chores here and there. If my mini-rebellion hadn't happened when it did, I might have recognized what he was trying to do, in which case my mind would have been clear and I would have remembered that danged chore. The same chore, by the way, that is now on the schedule for tomorrow with dire warnings of what will happen if it doesn't get done.


  1. Hi Dana,

    Oops, oh dear, sorry the no spanking spell has ended. I guess it was bound to end sooner or later.

    I do understand missing the structure. Good on Steve for bringing some of that structure back.


  2. It is so great to see you back! I am sorry you jinxed yourself though. Hopefully it gave you the opportunity to reconnect in a nice way though.


  3. Just when you think that all is going well, and boom! I am glad that you two have found your way back to DD. Miss seeing you around


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