Good Reads

Every once in a while, I come across a blog post that affects me on a deep level. Rather than let these posts become buried as time passes and eventually forgotten, I've decided to link to them here. As I come across more, I will add them.

Let's Call It Domestic Harmony-Shelter in the Storm

Not long after we started our domestic discipline journey, I found this post on Stormy's blog. It really delved into what I was hoping to find with DD. In fact, I liked it so much that I showed it to my husband, in the hopes it would better explain what I had tried to when I brought up the topic. It ended up resulting in a long talk about what we both wanted and how we planned to get there.

Wife or Slave?-Annie's Woodshed

I nearly skipped over this post when it first came up in my blog reader because I don't consider myself my husband's slave. But something told me to read it and I'm glad I did. The author's modification of the Slave's Prayer spoke to me on so many levels that I ended up printing it out and hanging it by the bed so I would see it every day.

Surrendering Your Bunch of Keys-Old Fashioned Marriage

This is a post I've read and reread a number of times. Every time I start to think that I've opened up all that I can, I soon realize that there are still some parts of me that I keep locked up. I open up and we continue on our journey until I realize there is still more yet to give. Will I ever relinquish my bunch of keys? I hope one day I can say that he does have it all.

Dominance and Submission Exercises-The Dish with Ward and June

I always enjoy reading Ward and June's posts. This is one of my favorites. It goes beyond what you typically expect with D/s exercises.

To Be Mindful- Submissive Sanctuary

While written from a D/S rather than DD point of view, it does offer some good advice on maintain submissiveness.

Domestic Discipline in Relationships by Brenna: Part 3: Specific Things the Husband Can Do-Bethany's Woodshed

Sometimes it pays off to follow links from one site to another. While following links through several sites, I landed on this article. The author offers specific tips and examples on what a HoH can do to maintain authority. I wish I'd found it sooner because it might have helped Steve better understand his role instead of learning as we went.